10 Dolls from 1991 — July 27, 2021

10 Dolls from 1991

Baby All Gone

I was upset when my mom revealed the secret of how this doll ate.

Popcorn Pretties

Mattel’s version of a Cupcake doll. You could throw these down on the floor all folded up and they “popped”. These dolls are incredibly rare now.

Suzie Snapshot

The commercial had a catchy jingle.

Blooming Babies

A Strawberry Shortcake knock off doll. Pretty obscure read more about them here.

Flip n Fancy

These dolls are kind of weird.

First Surprise Magic Nursery Baby

They could have a first tooth, a first haircut or a first ice cream cone.

Sugar & Shine Cupcakes dolls

The African American dolls in this line were called Sugar & Sparkle.

Wee Lil Miss

Cabbage Patch Kids Lullaby Baby doll

Cabbage Patch Kids Crimp’n Curl dolls

I heard these are very collectable.

College Misery — July 26, 2021

College Misery

My dad got so mad when I said I was miserable at college today. He knew it. Why does he gotta dance around the issue? him and some of my other relatives were always bugging me abut college and finishing it. College sucked! I could have been advancing at my secret hobby learning cool stuff rather than wasting time taking stupid irrelevant classes like math and poli sci. When am I even going to use those in real life or my secret hobby? Never! College was one of the biggest wastes of times in my life.

I signed up for another driving school, but the earliest appointment was he 14th and my dad is mad about that. I can’t change that. He wants me to go back to that hippie guy. But I thought he was meh.

LeVar Burton was a good Jeopardy host. I was hoping he did host another non-game show before. I was hoping there would categories relevant to him. You know like joke categories something like “Butterfly in the sky”, “I can be Anything” “Sci-fi” and “Roots”.

Killer of Dreams — July 24, 2021

Killer of Dreams

You have to have a certain level of crazy to do it or else you would not want to. Or at least that is what they say.

He was ok I guess better than my last 2 professional driving teachers. But did not let me drive for the whole session. Guy was an old hippie. He says he charges by the lesson so you can buy as many as you need. It was $100 per lesson. So if you really sucked at driving and had $2000 to spend you could buy 20 classes from him. But I only wanted one for now just like a sampler. I think I’ll go to a different driving school.

After feeling satisfied with my progress I got a Happy Meal. I had wanted a Space Jam 2 Happy Meal for a while. I got one with the milk and they put Lola on the milk bottle. I got a Road Runner toy.

10 More Action Figures from 1991 —
10 Books from 2001 Volume 6 — July 22, 2021

10 Books from 2001 Volume 6

Ultra Maniac manga in Japan

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Gordon Ramsay’s Just Desserts

Martha Stewart Kids magazine

The Naked Chef Takes Off

Happy Days with the Naked Chef Michael Joseph

Bobby Flay Cooks American

Jacques Pépin Celebrates

Lindsey by Chryssa Atkinson

Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News by Bernard Goldberg

The Power of Tacos — July 21, 2021

The Power of Tacos

I had to go back to the driving school. I got my refund and I bought more pies. Buying pies was the best part. I found another store near there that sold a bunch of hard to find sodas. I wanted to buy more but would not be able to carry them all.

I had a job interview for Taco Bell, but when I showed up they had no idea what I was talking about and the supervisor went on break. What jerks! I don’t want to work there. How unorganized!

I had planned to go to a job interview, but the power went out. It was out for about 3 and a half hours. The heat and boredom were driving me insane and my mom was getting mad.

Bad Habits and Bad Hamburgers — July 20, 2021

Bad Habits and Bad Hamburgers

After having that terrible driving class I was thinking about the song “Bad Habit”by The Offspring. I had a friend in high school who loved that song and another mutual friend of ours who sang it at his house with all the cursing. His parents heard him singing it and he was banned from the house for a while. I laying in bed thinking what am I doing? This place is crap! I was so fed up with how I was treated yesterday. I called up and asked for a refund. If they make good on this I have yet to see. I’m only getting 2/3rds of the money they are deducting for one lesson. They told me to come by tomorrow. Which means I can get more pies at the 7-11.

I went to Five Guys today. Wow! Those burgers are not that good. For the price no thank you. Maybe it was the location? I don’t know they just seem overrated. Or maybe it was because I grew up on In N Out.

Driving Me Insane — July 19, 2021

Driving Me Insane

I signed up for driving lessons. I got an appointment for later in the afternoon. There is a 7-11 near there. I ate a really great pie. It was a Boston Cream Pie, but like those turn over pies that they sell like Hostess makes or made. Had some re-boot Dunkaroos. Those are so terrible the cookies are thin and taste like animal crackers or something they are so bland.

My mom told me to calm down. I decided to watch wrestling. Cause you know wrestling is calming and I didn’t finish watching Money in the Bank 2021.

What a horrible school. I don’t want to say too much I’m saving the juicy details for a scathing yelp review. Pretty much as bad as the last one. I feel cheated out of my money.

10 Video Games from 2001 Volume 6 —
10 Toys from 1991 Volume 13 — July 17, 2021

10 Toys from 1991 Volume 13

Playskool Magic Tea Party

It’s just warm water!

Micro Machines Super Carriers

Macro Machines Super Smash Ups

Wacky Wind Ups Garfield toys

Buddy L Sonic City

Tell Me Tots

MC Hammer’s Rap Around game

Fantastic Roses Made By Me

I always thought the roses looked like a gift bow. They are not as well remembered as the flower press set.

Magic Trolls

They were cute and the counterpart to Troll Warriors.

Sqwish Puppies

Like a Sqwish ball but in puppy form. How could I have not heard of these as a child? I did have a plain Sqwish ball. I loved that thing.