Crafty Money — October 26, 2021

Crafty Money

I had an interview at the craft store. Which I really wanted to work at. I got get crafting supplies for my doll and secret hobby supplies. It could really help me along there with supplies and not just the money. I thought me and the lady hit it off telling her about making 18 inch doll crafts. It was seasonal but I didn’t care and they paid $1.25 more than my old job.

I texted the manager asking about my money he has been giving me the run around. Since 2 weeks ago. First they said to come on Sunday, but nothing came of that.

I check my email while waiting and I see a rejection email. I gotta give them credit for not ghosting me, and to reply so quickly like 2 hours. Damn! I really wanted to work there.

The guy was waking the money from the register. Hey pay is pay. And cash is even better. I don’t have to worry about bounced checks.

Not working for that company again they pay so little. Paying that little in this market they are not gonna survive.

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25 Dollars! — October 22, 2021

25 Dollars!

I calculated how much my job owed me. It’s over $25. I’m gonna hunt them down like that kid from the Better Off Dead movie. I’m gonna need a bike.

I can’t believe my American Girl food came so quickly. I ordered it from overseas. I really thought my parents were going to tell me about it. I bought it before I got the notice about my storage rent raise.

My dad got mad that I don’t want to buy pizza from the chain of the pizza restaurant I used to work at. Why? That company did me dirty. It’s not like we used to eat there a lot before I worked there. Before I worked there I think the last time I ate pizza from there was like 2010. He just mad cause I dissed his local favorite pizza restaurant and sandwich shop. The food at both those places were garbage. They are old established places that have been declining in quality I don’t care if the place had been around since the dinosaurs roamed the area. Bad food is bad food. The place has been around for 100 years to the restaurant that opened 3 days ago.

I had a job interview for some place, but I turned them down. That place looked like a shitshow. Another place where they just wanted my info soon and quick. Probably a hired on the spot place.

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Turkey of an Interview — October 20, 2021

Turkey of an Interview

Had another disastrous interview. It was for a supermarket. I really wanted to work for a supermarket cause that one is union and they pay well. Better than the big box stores and fast food in the area. These companies are not doing a good job on representing themselves well. Make an effort. When I get there the person I was supposed to talk to was not there. They made me wait in their break room for 12 minutes. I love to look at all the company propaganda they had hanging up in the place. reminded me of all the propaganda they had at the store chain of the deli. If it was 18 or more I would have left. Then some lady came to interview me. All the lady could say was “I don’t know”. Then she said I have to be available at 4am. I told her “no” and left. No wonder they can’t get people to work that position.

The only good thing was at the store they had the kind of turkey breast my mom wanted. They are scarce this year. So it wasn’t a total loss. My dad bought some tiny cookies they looked bigger on the package. When he opened them they looked like they were the same scale for an American Girl doll. I said we should feed them to my dolls.

next to the doll’s hand for scale
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The Cost of Fake Cereal — October 18, 2021

The Cost of Fake Cereal

I was trying to make the cereal bowl craft from this video. I already bought the silicone bowls when I bought black pants for my last job.

Speaking of spending my storage space went up like a lot. I know my parents are going to keep an intrusive eye on what I spend. Telling me I can’t buy doll things, to sell my stuff and clean out the space.

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Can You Lift the Smell? — October 15, 2021

Can You Lift the Smell?

I wanted to sleep so I went to bed early for me. Then I get this weird text at 4:50AM. Asking if I was looking for work and sent me a picture of a gym. I was pissed I had to get up early. I wrote back and said that it was rude to text so early and how did this person get my number.

That pizza restaurant I was offered the job at also sold Indianan food. After I thought about it I knew the smell could not leave me. It would permeate everything. Including the car and I didn’t want my dad to be mad a me for taking a smelly job that stunk up the car. Because that is our only car. It would have been like the BO car from Seinfeld but worse. I texted the guy and told him I got another job.

I went to the shipping beauty products place interview. I know that job would have sucked it would have just been me and that girl trying to unpack a whole room full of stuff. That I would have to do it by myself and urgently. The whole room where these boxes were being stored looked like an old church. There were paintings of doves on the wall. There were a lot of heavy boxes the FedEx guy was having trouble delivering them. The girl wanted me to work right away. She wanted me to fill out an application and not bother with my ssn. That seemed strange. The ad was vague “it said lift under 50lbs” I didn’t know what that meant; 30lbs? 20lbs? 5lbs? When I got there the girl told me 45 lbs. Why not just put that in your ad? The only reason I really wanted it was because it was near my house and paid $17 an hour. There was no way that was going to work out.

My mom won’t stop nagging for me to unblock the phone numbers of the people from the pizza restaurant. Why? A rule is a rule and it must be followed! Screw them!