Still 10 More Things From 1991 — April 19, 2021

Still 10 More Things From 1991

Levis Big Jean

LA Gear Street Hikers

Professional strength Windex cleaner

Miles Davis jazz musician death

Freddy Mercury death

Glow in the dark reach toothbrush

Wiz backpack

I had one these were neat. I liked that they were square. They were designed to fit into lockers, but neither of my elementary schools had them. They were a fad at both schools I went to. But sadly got replaced by another fad backpack with a lot of pockets you could buy at JC Penny’s. Mine had a Little Mermaid design.

Nicon F-601

Dune Perfume

Amarige Perfume

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Still 10 More Toys from 2001 —
Don’t Send Tummi Gummi to HR — April 16, 2021

Don’t Send Tummi Gummi to HR

My lush coworker was joking saying my boyfriend was there. Which makes no sense because I have one. Then he was complaining that he wanted nachos which we don’t sell. So he let me go on break to call the restaurant that he wanted to go to after work. But they close early. He kept saying he was hungry I said he sounded like Tummi Gummi from the Gummi bears cartoon. Then he asked if I was calling him fat again. I said I don’t want any problems with HR.

That girl that is going back to her job at the trampoline park is trying to poach people at the pizza place. It’s not that I would work there or I’m too dense. I don’t want to work there. It smells in there like feet. It’s like a smack in the face when you walk in there. It’s very loud in there too. They play really loud music. I interviewed there before and I knew it was not the place for me.

Then I wondered if something was going to go down with HR. I got distracted by cleaning and almost forgot to clock out.

Still 10 More Toys from 1991 —

Still 10 More Toys from 1991

101 Dalmatians Happy Meal toys

Disney parade toys in the Burger King Kids Club Meal

Fisher Price Chunky Little People

They had to change them from the smaller version because of choking hazards.

Clackers toy

These came back and were a fad. My aunt had some in 1960s back when they were still on a string. The 90s version had a stick.

Barnyard Commandos in the Burger King Kids Club Meal

Archie cars in the Burger King Kids Club Meal

Beauty and the Beast toys in the Burger King Kids Club Meal

Disney Dancing Babies toy


Talking Urkel Doll

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Still 10 More Foods from 2001 —

Still 10 More Foods from 2001

Capri Sun Coolers

Choose the Ooze at Burger King

When they were giving green apple dipping sauce and green ketchup in their Big Kids’Meal.

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie Dough

Kool Stuf Oreo pastries

Chips Ahoy Peanut Butter


Not a new food just a fad food at the time. Here is a blog about my experience trying it. When the boba has an amusing message.

Life Savers Fusions

Nerds Rope

Kool Aid Magic Twists

They didn’t have a lot of flavor. I remember thinking my cousin would be confused when we served him the green colored cherry flavored one.

Cap’n Crunch Galactic Crunch

Pizza, Wrestlemania and Cherry 7UP — April 11, 2021

Pizza, Wrestlemania and Cherry 7UP

This was my cousins’ and I wrestling PPV food combo. You gotta have the Cherry 7up.

Not that I was really interested in the pre-show I just wanted to get it to work before it started. It was very bad. It was just bursts of the stream and frozen images of wrestlers on the screen for minutes at a time. As I was fighting with the computer a bunch of other things happened. The food we were cooking burned. My dad freaked out after spilling something and berated himself over it.

Daniel Bryan’s ring gear reminds me of Arizona Green tea. Now I want one. The show was ok I guess.

Replay No Spoilers! — April 10, 2021

Replay No Spoilers!

Leonardo left early. Probably about an hour into my shift. He loves leaving early on the weekend.

Then he said I was spoiling it for him. I should have checked the results on my phone more. Fuck that shit! Who needs good alert workers?

One of my coworkers said she was putting in her 2 weeks because her old job opened up at the local trampoline place.

My dad is mad I have not gotten a raise at my job for being there one year. What decade does he think this is? Big corporations don’t give a fuck about how long you have been working for them, and they won’t give you raises either.

Still 10 More Foods from 1991 —

Still 10 More Foods from 1991

Rock-a-Dile Red Kool Aid

One of my favorite nostalgic flavors.

Kellogg’s Cinnamon Mini Buns Cereal

Teddy Grahams Bearwiches

Kraft Teddy Bear and Dinomac

Nutri-grain bars

This was the national roll out I think they were test marketed in 1989 as Smart Start bars.

KFC Honey BBQ Wings

Hidden Valley Honey Dijon Ranch

Ragu Slow Cooked Homestyle Sauce

Chef Boyardee Main Meals 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Crunchabungas