I got a very good deal on a POP pony. For about $2!  I got very excited when I saw them in the store. They also had a Zecora, but I only got Rainbow Dash. They didn’t have any other characters.

Here she is out of the package.

And “popped” with no hair.

I wanted to make her as show accurate as possible with the kit. I don’t like the different colored wings.

Here she is with Blind Bag Applejack and Apple Bloom. I wanted to take a picture of her with my G1 ponies, but I couldn’t find them. 😦 Then I realized that now I have half of the Mane 6. I have the POP Rainbow Dash, Blind Bag Applejack and the Squishy Pop Fluttershy. All I’d need now is Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle.

I’m keeping the stickers for later.

Bin’s Toy Bin did a great review of these last year.


The school class schedule is online now. I made a list of all the classes I prospectively want to take. I still need to look at the paper with all the general education classes. Then something hit me what if I’m not taking tv/radio classes with my random electives, but journalism classes!? That would be the 2nd school where I didn’t like the journalism professor. She’s my old Poli Sci professor. I heard her journalism classes are worse. Does the school allow me to minor in something? I really need to see a counselor. Too bad my former speech professor isn’t teaching anything else this semester other than speech 😦 Which I already took.

My registration date time is so-so The only problem it’s at a time my dad will be home. Perhaps he will be distracted by baseball or something?