The title is from a Jeffries Fan Club song. I think I used this title for an old myspace blog.

That Buzzr channel is trying to ignore the fact that the fans of the channel are upset. They removed some of the comments from their facebook page. If I only get 3 weeks new episodes and 1 week repeats then people will figure out the pattern and stop watching.

I went online looking if any Halloween stores were hiring, but I think I’m too early.

I was thinking about my forms I turned those in on the June 4th I remember because that was the day I asked my speech professor for a hug. That was 8 weeks ago! Processing is supposed to take 6 weeks. Maybe processing is congested or something?

I’m so pissed because I have the time to work on things for my secret hobby, but I cleaned up and can’t find the supplies to work on them. And now it looks like I’ve been doing nothing to the other hobbyists. They are getting on my case. My mom is mad at me because all I seem to care about is finding the supplies. It’s a vicious cycle. That was like the one thing I really wanted to do over the summer. Perhaps I need another break from the hobby? X0X

The more and more I think about it the less and less I care about selling on ebay.