The title today is a lyric from the No Doubt song “Blue in the Face”.

Then I was thinking what if I’m not really meant to the secret hobby and I’m just fooling myself? Am I writing about being worried about being a fraud too much? Has this notion consumed me? And my thoughts? Ok so I found one thing I need. I still need to find more stuff. Now I all need is the “pièce de résistance” still. I’ll show them!

I had this crazy dream about this girl I was friends with in high school and I introduced her to my former speech professor. She told me she didn’t like him because he was too wacky or something like that.

I think I was thinking about her because I visited recently. I got an email from the site. That made me realize 2 things. 1; the email address I used to sign up for that website is very old. 2; does anybody even use that website anymore? Or was it usurped by social media?

Does anybody remember the tv show?

I don’t like to visit websites like or school groups on facebook and stuff because it just makes me realized how little I’ve accomplished in my life. After I realize it I feel “weird”. I can’t really describe how I feel.