This blog entry has nothing to do with the Commodores’ song “Brick House”.

After I thought about it I’m approaching my secret hobby very much like the brick house pig from The 3 Little Pigs. Remember that pig was made fun of by the 2 other pigs for taking his time to work on the brick house instead of hastily putting together a house of straw or sticks/wood (depending on the version you hear)?

This cartoon is one of my favorite versions. I did manage to find a copy of the 3 Little Pigs cartoon on video in 2011 I think? That was before I had fast internet and could watch videos on youtube. I just want to mention that when I was a kid I watched that 3 Little Pigs cartoon so much I practically memorized the dialogue.

I screen capped the frame they seemed to use for the video box.

I even used a picture of the mother pig for a Mother’s Day card for my mom. (she likes pigs)

So I found the supplies to do one thing, and I made it. I don’t know it doesn’t look right. :/Anyway I did find something for the hobby at the thrift store. That thing I bought was also on sale! Things are looking up for me hobby wise…possibly? I should not be trying to throw money at the problem, but maybe that thing I bought was just the thing I needed to get myself out of the dumps. Once I find my other supplies I’ll show them! I’ll show them all! *laughs maniacally*

I know I’m under unneeded stress I’m having stress dreams about the hobby. I think I need to stop for a while. Or perhaps I shouldn’t read buzzfeed before I go to bed. (I was not reading an article related to my secret hobby)

I saw these pencils at the Walmart. I saw them in the back to school circulars in the newspaper it might have been a Walmart paper might not have been. All I can say is “A throwback to Yikes pencils!?”

I was looking for beef sandwiches and sausage breakfast biscuits. But they didn’t have any. 😦

I did have some luck in the toy section there. I found the My Little Pony set with Babs and Apple Bloom. I don’t need another Apple Bloom It was about $5 not including tax. Which comes to about the same price as buying 2 blind bags. Plus I got that cute little table accessory. They also had the Applejack and the Cider machine playsets. The Bin’s Toy Bin video review was very good. I think I’ll review mine later.

The toy sections of Target and Walmart are being cleared out for stocking the Christmas toys which happens in October. They had POP Ponies on sale, but they were not as big of a value as the $2 ones at the 99¢ store. The packs with 2 POP Ponies were $10 on sale. There were also the Wild Rainbow Cutie Mark Crusaders stuff on sale, but the price wasn’t slashed that much. It was only like $1 off the toy. I’m looking for deeper discounts.