So I watched the movie Julie and Julia. The movie was ok. Not that I really loved it or anything. I don’t know the 2 stories were kinda hard to follow for me.

I understand how she got all wrapped up in her blog and trying to cook all the recipes. And drove herself crazy. It made me feel like how I’ve been treating my secret hobby. If I don’t watch out I’m gonna drive everybody around me nuts!

Then I was thinking about how I attempted trying to make an omelet like she did in one of her cooking shows. And my dad got mad because I wasn’t making it fast enough or right. So after that I made up the “no cooking” rule  for my dad. I refuse to cook him even the simplest of foods not even toast! He’s just gonna criticize it anyway.

Seriously keep me out of the kitchen! I’ve had quite a few mishaps in there. Luckily I have not lost any appendages.

Nobody really likes to eat the food I make anyway. I usually cook for myself. Perhaps I should work on my cooking self esteem?

When Barry Carl was playing Mrs. Pumpkinklanger Was he trying to do a Julia Child type voice? I could get the PBS connection. It’s just so funny to hear him talk in falsetto. It’s funny because he was the bass of Rockapella. He had the deepest voice he was not a tenor.

This has nothing to do with the movie I saw but in the past 3 weeks UTB has messed up the 10:30-11AM airings of Detective Conan The first time they didn’t show it at all! The next week when I was trying to watch it an EAS test came up The week after that the show cut off before it finished it was a blank screen for a least 10 minutes.