After I took that break I feel really peaceful. Ok not totally, but way less stressed out than I was before. Since finding that vitally important thing is not as important since I’m taking a break.

After I thought about it for some reason I feel a lot like Phil Tandy Miller from the show The Last Man on Earth I mean with the fellow hobbyists.

Rockapella was teasing about doing something nostalgic. I was hoping Greg would be involved. Too bad. He’s probably performing with the Tokens show. Well it’s good for nostalgia’s sake.

There was an Edward Snowden parody (not with Rockapella current or former members) and now the El Chapo parody. Which elusive real world criminal is next? Is there going to be a whole series of these? But a World lineup Rockapella singing this is not bad! Now where is my trip to anywhere in North America?

You know what I want to buy on a whim? Crayons! I had some but they were bits and broken pieces I threw them out when I moved. Since they are on sale for back to school anyway 1 box wouldn’t hurt.

I realized I had more money saved up than I thought which would probably cover driving lessons with some possibly left over. That I could put towards my secret hobby. I’m not gonna worry about hobby funds.