I saw there were new season 3 Shopkins at the store. After this crazy week I deserved some. I bought myself 2 baskets. I’ll open them later.

I saw the new Monster High Boo York Boo York it was a nice 3 pack, but there were no stands, brushes or accessories. Just 3 dolls. I fell in love with the Mouscedes King doll.  She’s cute! I’d love to dress up as her. Her father is the Rat King. It made me think of 30 Rock and the episode “Jack Meets Dennis”.

I really wanted a 64 box of crayons, but they were sold out so I got a 48 count box instead of the Crayola brand. I couldn’t pass up 25¢ Cra-z-art crayons and 50¢ markers of the same brand.

I’m saddened by the passing of the wrestling legend Roddy Piper.