Drippy Cheese Steak — July 20, 2015

Drippy Cheese Steak

I had a cheese steak from a fast food place. Then I remembered why I don’t order them with peppers there. They use pickled peppers, and those don’t sit well with me. I like a cheese steak with fresh peppers.

Because of hurricane Dolores there is a tropical rainstorm here. It’s all hot and humid and rains. It hardly ever does this here. It’s all stuffy in my apartment because we are not allowed to keep our windows open when it rains.

The class I’m taking towards my secret hobby is secret until my ass is in there. I don’t want to get my hopes all up. I’ll give it the “wait and see approach”.

So I came back to that website I don’t know now I feel bored with it. That’s better for me I won’t be wasting a lot of time on it.

My parents told me that a Halloween shop is setting up in the area. Maybe I should start looking for Halloween store jobs. This could be another opportunity to play the secret hobby card. Now that I’ve dethroned Christmas as my favorite holiday I can talk about Halloween more passionately. Now I need to scour the internet for Halloween store listings. Of course I might not be able to work at the Halloween store if I’m taking 3 classes (possibly).

When I was watching the finale of Sailor Moon Crystal I was thinking about how somebody told me they looked like Tuxedo Mask because they wear a top hat. They were trying to get me to like me to like them after they insulted me. “Just because you wear a top hat doesn’t make you Tuxedo Mask.” (feel free to use this quote) ^-^ I sound like Dr. Mary. XD It reminded me of this funny quote from Frasier. “A cat can have kittens in the oven, but that don’t make ’em biscuits!”

Sailor Moon Crystal Finale — July 19, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Finale

The Sailor Moon Crystal finale was ok I guess… Personally the ending was kind of I don’t know it didn’t do it for me. I can’t believe I invested a little more than a year in watching it. Well it was released every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month since July 2014.

I did like that they left the ending open ended. She has the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Now she can give Heart Attacks.

Although when I was trying to watch this episode Hulu kept playing California Lottery commercials for me. I don’t want $20 lottery ticket books.

A Possible Class Schedule — July 18, 2015

A Possible Class Schedule

My registration for classes was today. I signed up for a math class, a writing class I need to graduate and a class for my secret hobby. I really hope the class related to my secret hobby gives me some cred among the hobbyists and reawakens my genki girl.

Well I hope the money comes through or I won’t be doing much of anything. I’m worried about the money so I’m not saying I’m taking these classes, yet.

Then after I thought about it what if the internship would have been like one Kramer had? He had his intern doing things like laundry, mending chicken wire, and relaying conversations Jerry and George had in the coffee shop to Kramer.

So UTB went on and showed the 2nd part of the episodes 382 and 383 (which is chopped up into 4 parts) The episodes they did not show at the 10:30-11AM airing were episodes last week were 380 and 381. It’s a good thing I caught those episodes online.

Fashionable Cat —

Fashionable Cat

Ok so I accidentally let the cat out of the bag here.

I mentioned that the thing I applied to was an internship.

OOPS! @x@ XoX

My mom was so mad. Now why was she mad? I didn’t get the internship anyway. Why would it matter? I don’t have it.

This! This is what I’m talking about! She complains that I have no skills, and don’t get hired. I’m so desperate I’m willing to work for free!


*shakes fit in the air*

She said she felt bad for the person who was chosen over me. I don’t feel bad for the person who got it even if they are working for free. I wanted that internship!

I’m at a loss here. I’m really confused.

Later I asked her about working for free for like a local tv station or something like Conan’s show. She said because it’s more prestigious and has a brand name attached to it. Then I remembered that storyline in Gossip Girl when Blair and Dan got an internship at “W” magazine. Honestly before I saw that ad I had never heard of that costume company. Well why should I have? I make my own costumes anyway.

Note to self: Practice being a better liar to your mother.

The Educated Hobbyist — July 17, 2015

The Educated Hobbyist

That sounds like the title of an instructional book or film or something like that.

The problem with these hobbyist education programs is that they are strewn across the country, and sadly there are none locally or even kinda locally. Well nothing I can afford anyway. Plus if I go to an education program that is in the middle of the US  or even the East it’s gonna cost a lot to travel there.

Since they are trying to sell you on these programs they say things like you learn to gain self confidence and how to talk in front of other people. Gaining self confidence? Talk in front of people? Isn’t this what I learned in my speech class? Which by the way was held very locally, for a much cheaper price, and helped me towards my associate’s degree. If I could drive it would have taken me less than a half hour to get there depending on traffic. How effective would the hobbyist education diploma I get be in the real world? Aside from getting a job from the hobby; not very. It’s a quirky skill to have. Perhaps companies who look for employes that are all flash and no sizzle. Their ads always want “interesting” people. Those places never hire me. I guess I must be boring or something 😦 At least with an associate’s degree in practically anything I can get into “marketing”. Which is essentially me selling car wax or satellite dish subscriptions door to door.

I don’t have the resources (money) to be a stickler for hobbyist education programs. That’s why I want to use what’s at my disposal at the college. Plus there is one class at the school that I really want to take it only seems to be offered in the fall. I think I can offset it with a math class or something. The only problem is that if I get the class it’s held very early in the morning.

I still can’t get an appointment with a counselor. The school website seems to be working again. But I still could not get an appointment through the website. I tried calling yesterday, but it was hard to hear them on the phone. It wasn’t my phone. I think? I called someplace else and it sounded fine. I can’t call today anyway; the school is closed on Fridays.

Blank Flank Adult — July 16, 2015

Blank Flank Adult

I’ve had My Little Pony FIM on the brain for a while now. Even before I found the POP Pony at the store. That was just a coincidence.

Since this platform is a little friendlier than livejournal here is an entry I had been working on for a while, but kept getting erased.

I was thinking about the Cutie Mark Crusaders and how much I like them. I feel like them. I really don’t know what I’m good at. I just really want to be good at something. A usable skill. Not like my cookie tasting skills because honestly how is that really a skill? I want to do something fun and interesting. I really hope my secret hobby will be the thing to help. Honestly I really want it to be my “cutie mark”. I need to find my innate skill. They are sort of my “find yourself” mascots.

Apple Bloom is good at carpentry, but she doesn’t know it yet. Scootaloo is good at riding a scooter, and Sweetie Belle is good at singing.

My family seems to be worried about me. I’m 31 years old; have very little job experience, haven’t finished college and I don’t know what I’m good at. (yet)

I’m not sure what I’m good at and, only a few people see what I am good at. I’d say about 3 people. Somebody I met online (don’t worry it’s not creepy or anything), my former speech professor and my dead friend. There might be more people, but those were the first ones that came to mind.

I’ll end this entry with a line from my favorite Garbage song off the album “Bleed Like Me” the song “Run Baby Run”. “Find out who you are before you regret it, Because life’s so short there’s no time to waste it”.

Pony Pop Quiz — July 15, 2015

Pony Pop Quiz

I got a very good deal on a POP pony. For about $2!  I got very excited when I saw them in the store. They also had a Zecora, but I only got Rainbow Dash. They didn’t have any other characters.

Here she is out of the package.

And “popped” with no hair.

I wanted to make her as show accurate as possible with the kit. I don’t like the different colored wings.

Here she is with Blind Bag Applejack and Apple Bloom. I wanted to take a picture of her with my G1 ponies, but I couldn’t find them. 😦 Then I realized that now I have half of the Mane 6. I have the POP Rainbow Dash, Blind Bag Applejack and the Squishy Pop Fluttershy. All I’d need now is Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle.

I’m keeping the stickers for later.

Bin’s Toy Bin did a great review of these last year.


The school class schedule is online now. I made a list of all the classes I prospectively want to take. I still need to look at the paper with all the general education classes. Then something hit me what if I’m not taking tv/radio classes with my random electives, but journalism classes!? That would be the 2nd school where I didn’t like the journalism professor. She’s my old Poli Sci professor. I heard her journalism classes are worse. Does the school allow me to minor in something? I really need to see a counselor. Too bad my former speech professor isn’t teaching anything else this semester other than speech 😦 Which I already took.

My registration date time is so-so The only problem it’s at a time my dad will be home. Perhaps he will be distracted by baseball or something?

Re-purposed Money — July 14, 2015

Re-purposed Money

I changed my theme. I like this one better. I’m gonna keep playing around with until I find something I like.

I figured out that the money I have saved for that $900 thing can be used towards driving lessons. I also realized to meet up with some other hobbyists somewhat locally will take me 2 hours to get there by bus. So I really should learn how to drive. It will be beneficial to me in many ways. Not just with the hobby.

The rebel hobbyist said he worked alone for a long time and that was one of the reasons he became a rebel because he didn’t have bunch of bossy people with big egos trying to give their input. Telling him what he should do. Also all they want to do is live up to the hobbyist stereotypes, and me trying to do my own thing makes them uncomfortable. Well except for the rebel.

A real money eater seems to be my storage space. If I could get something smaller and cheaper.

I was reading this article about being a shy, covert, narcissist. And how they worry about being a fraud. Which is my problem right now for my secret hobby. Add that to my neurotic perfectionism and you got a nice little combination there.

Never heard back from the pizza or yogurt place.

Starting Off and Leaving Off —

Starting Off and Leaving Off

Ok so maybe I should start off where I left off. So all that anger I had I worked into something for my secret hobby. I wrote something really great and hopefully I can use what I wrote at school, but I’m not sure yet. The school needs to update their website. I decided to use the college at my disposal. As much as I can for secretly taking classes related to my secret hobby. I looked over the catalog last night and there are a few really good classes I want to take. I wonder if my parents will be suspicious those classes are out of character for me, and have nothing to do with my major. Maybe I can figure out a way to tie them in. I’m not sure. Plus the rest of my general education classes and classes related to my major. And dispose of it I will.

I got turned down for the internship I applied to for a person who makes their own clothes. It’s ok because I think the thing wasn’t exactly legal anyway. I think the lady just wanted somebody to work for free, and pass it off as an “internship”. Plus my parents would have been mad that I was working for free so somehow I saved my ass accidentally? *shrugs* It sort of worked out in my favor so I’m not complaining. Part of me is thankful for things like this. Now I can go look for a paying job.

But it’s things like this that make me really angry and sad because I still don’t know what I’m good at. I really truly wish I knew what that thing was, and how it could help me get a job or something.

My New Blogging Home (I Hope) — July 13, 2015

My New Blogging Home (I Hope)

This place is nice not to many frills and I can chug away working on my entries sporadically.

I used to be on livejournal and blogger. I’m archiving my old myspace blogs too. I have a tumblr that I use to write about doll crafts, but I haven’t touched that blog in a while.