Good Students Bring Their Books — August 31, 2015

Good Students Bring Their Books

The bus on the ride over there was crowded, but not as crowded as before.

When I got there I was early even. I got there even before the teacher. It’s thinning out a little.

So this guy in my group assumed that all the good students brought their books. Don’t assume that about me. Which I find funny I almost forgot my book it was in my bed I leave my school supplies in strange places.

Taking notes was boring. I couldn’t see anything from the far corner of the room anyway. I need opera glasses or something. I was so busy thinking up pony hair, and about my secret hobby.

I’ll need to pack light for next class anyway. This is something I need to figure out it’s only my second week.

Besides that nothing really interesting seemed to happen in class.

I’ve been checking the website to do my assignment, but there have been a lot of problems. Like timing out on me.

A Long Time Coming —

A Long Time Coming

The last year I took math was like 2006. I remember because the semester I took off was when Bob Barker announced his retirement. The problem was that the college sent me a letter telling me that I could graduate soon. I realized I was at a crappy school and I didn’t want to graduate from there. I also mistakenly thought I was almost finished with college. I even tried to apply to a university. Until I realized I had taken too few classes to count towards anything really. I had a long way to go and my family was mad at me.

That school is all kinds of messed up. Don’t believe the yelp reviews. Which is funny since it seems to have the same rating as the school I go to now. I found the place small, disorganized, and poorly run. When I went they made me take classes I didn’t need. They forged my math test and had me take math classes I didn’t need. They couldn’t forge my English classes because I took it at the university. And I’m at the level. They messed up my financial aid for another school.


Zecora Pop Pony Review — August 29, 2015

Zecora Pop Pony Review

I’m reviewing the Zecora Pop Pony? Zebra? She is not the first zebra in the My Little Pony cannon universe.

These are the stickers she came with.

Here is the package open.

Too bad they didn’t paint the stripes on her body.

She came with 3 manes and 2 tails. I think Rainbow Dash came with less hair because she came with wings.

This mane and tail are the most show accurate. These are made out of like vinyl or something. It was really hard to get the jewelry on her. It kept popping off.

I really like the teal and fuchsia mane and tail.

She also came with a mane that has plastic lacing.

Here they are mixed up. I only have 3 Pop ponies.

These are the largest G4 ponies I have. I don’t have any G4 brushables, and I’m not sure if I want any.

These ponies are about the same size as the G1 baby ponies. Here is Baby Pockets and Pinkie Pie.

I think I will make an experimental tail or something. I want to make it simplistic I don’t want to waste my good crafting supplies on an experiment. I can’t decide what to use I’ve seen the other sets that use things like foam and yarn.

I Hope This Comes Back to Me — August 28, 2015

I Hope This Comes Back to Me

I liked having Thursday off. Even though I can’t take that class I think would not have liked going to school 5 days a week. The funny thing is that since I wanted that other class first I scheduled my other classes all around it and signed up for them later.

I tried the math and it’s hard I hardly remember any of it. My dad wants to “help”. This is why I avoided taking math for 10 years. Well not entirely. You know because it was hard to get classes especially for math and because there were those 5 years where I could not get back into school. The last time I took a math class 4kids tv (on Fox) was still airing new episodes of the Winx Club.

Maybe I can get a job at a Halloween store. I think that ship might have sailed.

I did call Hasbro and tell my suggestion. Whateves if they don’t use it. I’m going to try and make my own pieces and see how they come out.

It’s hard for me to see the board and I got to class right on time. So all the good seats in the front were taken. I’m trying to fake it in there. I’m sure about how good of a job I’m doing. Since I haven’t taken a math class in about 10 years I’m super rusty. I forgot a lot of stuff. Even how to work my calculator. The problem is it’s coming back to me in bits and pieces.

I remembered something I was told in high school by one of my math teachers. He would always talk about how he got the highest score on a math test or something at the college he went to. And that every year he would check to see if people had broken his record or something. He would always brag about it. Teachers can be so snooty. Anyway he said we should be spending out money on math related books. Including The Mathematical Magpie. I thought should spend my money on frivolous things like No Doubt related items and fashionable clothes. (I was about 14 or 15 at the time) Should I have bought that book?

Maybe I can pull another one out. Like I did in high school.

Maybe I’m not cut out for advanced math. I think I’ll pass on the Project MC2 dolls.I

If I was an Old Sandwich — August 26, 2015

If I was an Old Sandwich

I was fumbling around with my large rolling backpack. It was packed with stuff and hard to maneuver. Because I had changed backpacks I ended up forgetting a lot of stuff like I thought I would.

Every time I walk through the parking lot I keep getting rocks in my shoe.

I still could not get to class on time. I had to drag that backpack all around campus. And up the stairs; it doesn’t roll very well.

I psych class she was talking about perspective. I was thinking about that Arthur cartoon Happy Anniversary! I was writing about Laser Nostrils, sandwiches, and the witch and the robot. Then she was talking about the search for truth. And I was thinking about one of the Detective Conan theme songs. “Truth” which they use for the Detective Conan commercial on UTB. She was talking about stereotypes and sub culture groups. And about conformity it made me think of my secret hobby and how writing about it for a class project would be a good idea. Although I did get my question answered by my teacher. I need to know about passing. I think this psych class could help me with my secret hobby even though I thought that my secret elective too. Even though I’ve never taken a Psych class I know a little about it since I used to watch that show with Philip Zimbardo in it.

Before math class I was eating a sandwich thinking about Word Girl, Chuck, and the high five sandwich. I wanted to get there really early because I knew there would be a lot of people trying to add.

Then I realized math needs a lot of my attention. I’m pretty rusty. I remember a little. She told us we don’t really need anything special for this class. like graphing calculators and graph paper.

I don’t think I have found a good semester theme song. Maybe I’ll give each class a different song. I want to go with “I Know You Know” aka the Psych theme song, and for math I don’t know maybe “Math” by Supernova? I’m not sure because it mentions getting an F. It’s a pretty great little song.

As of posting I dropped my secret elective class. I thought I could do a lot more. That I could take on 3 classes and going to school 5 days a week.My mom didn’t understand why I wanted to take that class so badly. So there will be no way about telling her about hobbyist education programs. She’d never understand. Like when I was 19 and could handle taking 4 classes 5 days a week. My dad is pretty pissed about this anyway like I predicted. My arms hurt from lugging around that backpack all over campus. With the dropped class hopefully I will have more time to work on my secret hobby, but class work should come first.

I’m In Over My Head — August 25, 2015

I’m In Over My Head

The were a lot of problems with this class. First I have to get up at 5AM for it to get there at 8AM. Everybody is fighting to get out of the apartment. The buses are crowded with commuters. I kept making excuses about not going. My mom didn’t understand she thought I was going to math because I was acting so strangely. I wasn’t even sure I wanted that class it doesn’t count towards anything. I can take it or leave it.

Everybody pretty much knew everybody. It made me think of my writing class. For some reason I don’t like that feeling. I felt I don’t know like singled out or something.

I thought “you’re in your head too much again.” I want to sometimes not be seen, and I was ignored by the class not intentionally. I was like Sue Heck.

When I mentioned how much I loved the game show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?” Other people said they remembered it. There are some other Gumshoes/Carmen Sandiego fans, and that is not bad! I didn’t think anybody would remember the game show since most of these people are about 10 years younger than me and were probably born around the time it was cancelled. I gotta say those people in those class are really good at referencing pop culture. They are like I predicted: boisterous, loud, noisy, and interrupting. This class is no place for an INFP.

I’m not sure if I really wanna talk about the class in detail. My teacher looks like Honey Lemon. From Big Hero 6. But the others said she looks like Laura Prepon.

I can put my writing skills to work, but I think I’m in over my head in terms of my skills for what this class is about. There were no prerequisites. I really feel like dropping it. I thought this class would help me not feel like a fraud, but it made me feel even more like one. I’m just so confused! I think I just need more chops. Or maybe I should focus on my writing. I like it I’m comfortable with it.


I know, you know, that I’m not Telling the Truth — August 24, 2015

I know, you know, that I’m not Telling the Truth

The bus was so crowded! It was filled up with freshman and you knew they were freshman by the way they dress and carry themselves scream “freshman”. Especially if they are wearing any type of “Class of 2015” stuff. The new clothes and the pristine shoes. Maybe they need a raccoon coat like I saw in old movies. I accidentally stepped on some guy’s shoes on the bus. He should not have stretched out his legs or wore white shoes on the bus. Rookie bus rider mistake.

The worst thing was that I got there late by 3 minutes. There were hardly any seats left. They were mostly taken by people who wanted to add.

She said she does corporate psychology. I was thinking about Micheal Scott from The Office and all the crazy schemes he thought up. Then I was thinking about Psych the tv show and Shawn and Gus. I also thought about the theme song.

I had a copy of the book. I hope I didn’t look like a teacher’s pet.

She said she’s 33 and a Chargers fan. That’s close to my age. Ok 2 years apart. Then I wondered if I was the oldest person in the room aside from her.

She was telling us about collecting points. But when is it mathematically not possible to pass? And at what time in the semester? Like in Poli Sci when I could not pass after getting a bunch of “F”s on the quizzes. I think I need to ask her.

You have to do some kind of self discovery project or something. Perhaps I will make it about my secret hobby. Maybe about feeling like a fraud or something else. I haven’t decided. She also told us to be ourselves in class which makes me not want to be.

They always do ice breakers. I was actually prepared for something like this. I’ve been in college too long. @0@ They usually ask you crazy questions like “What is your major and favorite workout song?”. (my answer to that would be television and “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim)Here is what she asked your favorite childhood cartoon and toy. Hers were skip-it and the Snorks. I’m so old I actually knew what those 2 things are. I think I could sing the skip-it jingle from memory, and possibly the Snorks theme song. She called the Snorks “a knock-off Smurf that lived in the water.”

I thought about this cartoon.

Mine were Tom and Jerry (I could not decide on a cartoon) the toy was Sylvanian Families (Nobody knew what they were) It was hard to hear what everybody else was saying they were speaking so softly and the other people were speaking loudly near me who were not in my group. She wanted us to exchange contact info. And what if we group text and I accidentally get texted by a lonely Japanese boy posing as somebody from my class? I really hope I’m the Abed of the group. I wonder who is the Shirley? the Annie? or the Pierce? Somebody else mentioned Tale Spin. (they thought nobody knew what it was but I did, but didn’t want to reveal it)

She was making a reference to the cartoon Jem. It sort of reminds me of French class a little.

Then she wanted the groups to tell lies. I was thinking about the 30 Rock episode “Blind Date”. I was thinking about the part when they said that they could not read Kenneth’s mind.

One down two more to go.

I saw a Lolita at school. I think she was a sweet Lolita. She was wearing a lot of pink. Her outfit was so kawaii! I personally would never wear a Lolita outfit to school regularly. The school is dirty and uphill. I don’t think I could be a Lolita because I’m fat and it is hard to find clothes that fit me. They would never sell those kind of cute tights in Queen size. And because my parents would think I went insane. I need my clothes to be utilitarian.

The people are wandering around and blocking entrances. What if there is some kind of emergency and the people need to get out? And then the people get stuck like what happened in that night club. Because it’s fall there are a lot of people fresh out of high school more than in the spring semester. There was even some guy was sitting on the curb. Hopefully it will thin out by Wednesday.

I went to the Walmart to get some school supplies. There were no Pop Ponies on sale. 😦 They were all gone and they redid the toy aisles. I got some cheap puppy folders and erasers.

The problem is I can’t find the assignments online. Maybe I’ll check again later. I keep checking, but the website is still having problems.

My dad is still nosy about what I’m taking. He needs to know all the class names and times and stuff.

The class tomorrow is the one I’m most nervous about.

Compulsive Email Checker — August 23, 2015

Compulsive Email Checker

My dad said he would help my with math. Yippie! I really don’t want him to help because he is annoying and bossy. All he ever does is yell at me.

Then he wants me to use his old books from the 1970s which probably cost 35¢ each back then. And got back $10 at the book buyback.

I didn’t tell him about the secret elective. I just called the class some other name. If my dad found out about it he wouldn’t be too happy. It’s nothing bad; just something he doesn’t like. Well it’s a good thing I didn’t pretend to take a sports class. He wanted to know the names/subjects of all my classes.

He also thought that it would be a good idea to go to the college on Sunday to find my classes. How old does he think I am!? 18!? (He did this when I was 18 at my first semester at the university. There were so many things that went wrong the first week with his “guidance”)

I’m breaking out. I don’t know if its stress or what. My nose is looking really pimply.

I watched 3 more episodes of Community. So episode 9 is the next one I’ll watch.

I could pretend to go somewhere all touristy. Instead of going to that tourist place I’d go to the hobbyist education program.

My mom doesn’t understand why I’m compulsively checking my school email. I need to know what to do! When I took Poli Sci the teacher told us that everybody now sends you emails about what to read before you start your first day of class, and you have to print out your syllabus at home. Surprisingly though my speech teacher did not do this. Because he kept it real because he knew that most people really don’t check their school emails.

Now the school website is down! The day before the fall semester starts?! Maybe it was hacked? I saw a Community episode about this. So I was thinking about hackers. It seems to be working now and I haven’t gotten any emails telling me about what to do or read.

Pink Candy Swirl — August 21, 2015

Pink Candy Swirl

I forgot a found an LPS blind bag at the Dollar Tree. My first LPS ever! I never had any of the G1 toys. I used to beg my parents for the Sea World sets. Although I did watch the old cartoon from the 90s. Which nobody seems to remember. I think they thought it was a knockoff of Animaniacs or something.

This is from the Candy Swirl Dreams blind bag collection.

The package says copyright 2013 on it.

I didn’t care who or what I got since it’s my first LPS. I got the frog. I think it is common. It smells good like a new G3 My Little Pony smells like.

Maybe I’ll look for a cheap G1 LPS toy.

Here is Pinkie Pie freed from the package.

Here she is snapped together with no hair.

Here she is with her hair. That is all that came with her.

Besides her stickers. The sheet is smaller than the ones that came with Rainbow Dash.

I swapped their hair. I think Rainbow Dash looks good with pink hair. It reminds me of some other pony, but I forget who.

I decided to make a half and half pony.

Pinkie Dash and Rainbow Pie.

I think this Mohawk looks way better on Pinkie.

The Rainbow Dash accessory hair looks good on Pinkie.

These Pop Ponies are a lot more fun when you have more than one. I kinda wish they just sold accessory sets to add on to your ponies so you would not have to buy a new pony.

Here is Pinkie, Rainbow and the Frog.

I feel like Arthur in the cartoon “The Short Quick Summer” I wanted to do all this stuff during the summer. Like get a bunch of stuff done related to my secret hobby, watch season 6 of Community (only watched 5 episodes so far), get caught up on my writing, and other stuff I forget. I did manage to do one thing related to my secret hobby so it wasn’t a wash. I was thinking about when I was a kid about when I wanted to have “adventures” during the summer. I thought about how I had spent my summer 20 years ago. Was it really that long ago? Well at least I beat level 80 on cookie jam and level 125 on Candy Crush Soda.

I need to start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I gotta get up really early for school.

Pinkie Please — August 20, 2015

Pinkie Please

I started reading part of one of the books. One of the books has short chapters. I still have to read the other book psych class is on Monday! I want to be well read. I still haven’t cracked open the math book. I don’t have math until Wednesday. The thing I’m most worried about is that secret elective. I’m afraid of personality clashes between me and the other students. Those kinds of classes draw a certain kind of student to them. Boisterous ones! They don’t really know how to deal with introverts like me. It will be the same thing over and over. “Why don’t you talk?”

I got another Pop Pony for $1.50. It’s a basic Pinkie Pie. Maybe I’ll go to the other walmart to see if there are more ponies

I could not find any novelty folders. What happened to them!? Even when I went to the back to school shopping earlier in the month there were not a lot of folders on sale. Are people just not using folders? I like novelty folders. They help keep me organized. I’ll use the Lisa Frank tiger folder for math and the pikachu folder for science.