I liked that Penn and Teller addressed a magic cliché. Too many performers not just magicians feel like they need to live up to these type of things because that is what the public expects them to do.


They are not trying to get me to like them by wearing a top hat. And I have personally never met them or even seen them in person. I’m surprised they didn’t have capes. Kind of that evil silent movie villain/magician look.

There is also a racoon you can order online. For some reason those spring loaded puppets remind me of these old and somewhat obscure 80s toys. Me sounding like a simpleton here. There is art to learn how to manipulate those puppets. Why do I know that? I read you know; like stuff…

I don’t wanna give too much away here.

Besides watching their wonderful act which seems to have been the highlight of my day so far.

So I had to go to the school to pay my fees because I only had a small window to do it or I would get dropped. Good thing there are no classes on the hill.

Luckily all I needed to pay was a little bit on money. It wasn’t anywhere near $400.

After that I had to go to the financial aid office. It was sort of a long wait. At least my dad wasn’t there. He would have been mad. I like going by myself. They still have not fixed my status in the portal since June. Well at least it got fixed. Because they don’t like you to argue with the portal. Supposedly it’s always right.

After that was fixed I thought I should see a counselor because it’s in the same building. I should have stopped there. The blog title is sort of a sequel of this old blog entry.

While I was waiting all that time I was thinking about math and slow I am at it. Math is hard! No female clichés here. I never liked it! Ever since 1st grade. My personal haunted house would be chalk full of advanced math tests and job interviews.

There was a little girl in here with a stuffed pikachu. It was so cute! I think it talked. When she squeezed it I could hear faint “pika”s.

One hour turned into two and I was starting to get mad!

The people there who were volunteering or whatever the hell they do. I know they are students. They were giggling. How unprofessional! They told me I would not be seen until 2PM. I yelled at them I had been waiting for close to 2 hours! What the hell is this place!? The DPSS office!? If I had stayed until 2PM I would have been there for over 5 hours! I asked if I could get an appointment like a month in advance but they claimed that you could only schedule them 2 weeks in advance. Why is it so hard to get to speak to a counselor!? They tried to do this to me before. I’ve tried the “portal”. Which is like a god to the school. I also tried the phone. This bitch don’t do drop ins anymore!

I guess I’ll wait until football season into full swing and try to get an appointment around September 21st. So if I try to get an appointment around the 2nd week of September. Possibly…

Then I went to the book store, but they were no help too since they don’t even have the books yet! Which will probably cost about $300.

How do they expect us to get anything done at the school if everything is closed on the days the school is “open”.

Now I need to find out if I need a graphing calculator. Too bad I can’t put that $400 towards my secret hobby. Maybe I should email the teacher?

At the Walmart I found another squishy pop blind capsule ball thing but it was another Sweetie Belle who I already have. I found something I wanted for my secret hobby.

I calculated the cost of that $900 I wanted and included travel it would be at least $1500! Too bad my secret hobby is not really popular near me. I have to travel out to the Midwest from California. Which almost anybody knows is not cheap by any form. Except maybe hitchhiking. (which I won’t do) If I told my parents that they would tell me to save my money to buy a car. Right now it looks a lot sweeter than a 20 year old car on sale for $1500.

When I got home late. Of course I was in trouble. How was I supposed to know 1 hour was turned into almost 2!?