This dress is nearly identical to the green one. At first I thought they were almost the same dress except the green one had straps. A closer extermination shows that the skirts are different.

This dress is also thick in the torso area. Since Stella has a smaller torso it didn’t close completely in the back or get her to fit in Draculaura’s stand.

The skirt of this dress was too thin. I thought I ripped it when I was trying to take it off Stella.

It took me a while to take this off Draculaura. I could not get the dress off her hips. A small child would have been even more frustrated with this than I was, and I’ve been playing with fashion dolls for about 25 years.

I didn’t bother putting the shoes on anybody else. They were the exact same shoes but purple.

The choker was almost or nearly identical to the one in the other outfit


The one thing I liked about this outfit was these socks. They were made a little better and stretched better because they were longer.

I was thinking about stopping my break from my secret hobby. Or setting a date to go back to it. Then I thought “Whateves it’s cool. I’m busy.” I thought I’d go back to it, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll return slowly. Take it easy.

Then I was thinking about how I’ve been worried about being a fraud. Anyway this thought hit me maybe the ones who think I’m a fraud are really the frauds themselves. Wrap your mind around that! Then I thought about that Powerman 5000 song “Nobody’s Real”.

I was thinking that Halloween is approaching, and haven’t really come up with a costume idea. For some reason I feel like wearing a cape. Well I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around… Nothing concrete yet though.