The outfit was so cheap feeling. Especially the top part of the dress the part with the fringe-y type stuff. It was thin enough to get her into the stand.

The skirt was so tight I could barley get in on Stella. It barley closed on her torso not because it’s shorter I think this dress might have been made too small.

Her in the black leggins and blue boots reminded me of Icy. I think the Azra character has ice powers like Icy from the Winx Club.


(this is a stock photo of the Mattel Icy doll I do not own one)

I didn’t even attempt to put in on Draculaura.

I like the boots they have like a scaly pattern on them.

The one good thing about this outfit was that it also came with a pair of those tall socks.

These boots really look good with this dress from the Robecca fashion pack.

The choker looks good with Draculaura’s outfit.

This is my last Mystixx Vampires outfit to review unless I find some more at the 99¢ Store.

Or what about that ACME Agent costume I was planning last year? I found my really loud tie. I still need a sports coat and a fedora.

Speaking of things from Carmen Sandiego I was thinking maybe I needed to think like an ACME Agent to solve one of my hobby problems. It was right there in my face! XoX @0@ I’ve been feeling a little glum. I was listening to “Indiana” thinking about how much I like that song, and that I wrote way too many Livejournal entries about that song. The song is so sad, but it cheers me right up.

I was thinking about how I feel about easing back into the hobby. As George Costanza would say “eased into the water like an old man into a nice warm bath.” Plus I’m really stressed about going back to school. Each new semester makes me stressed out. No matter how long I’ve been in school. Adding hobby stress would make it even worse. I really want to stay focused this semester. I’m taking math, and math needs a lot of my attention because I’m so bad at it. No, not bad I’m slow at it. That’s not including the other 2 classes I got on my plate.