Now I’m not sure what to do with these. They are not for me. They are for doll heads. For the Mystixx Vampire dolls to be exact. They won’t fit my head.

I went to the doctor for an appointment I missed which I don’t even remember getting. They told me I was supposed to be taking that medicine for 2 months. Which I never got a prescription for.

It’s a strange limbo of anxiety for the next 2 weeks or so. I’m gonna try and not stress myself out about school too much. I know I’m gonna get start of school stress dreams. I think they might have begun.

I was thinking about my secret hobby and the frauds and all that nonsense. Then I was thinking about the song”Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish. I don’t wanna be a “sell out” to my hobby.

I watched the video and now I want a hamburger and some fries.

I’m feelin’ stressed so I think I should relax by binge watching some episodes of World.