I’ve been thinking of punk culture but it wasn’t because of
their music and fashion in general .

Maybe I’m just feeling a little disillusioned about my secret hobby.

I’ve been feeling so frustrated I want to punch a computer monitor. I know that sounds horrible. I was thinking about this commercial.


I feel like Donald Duck in the “Sky Trooper” cartoon about my secret hobby when all he wants to do is fly. Or maybe like Mike from the song “Institutionalized” Does anybody have a Pepsi!?

I learned another derogatory term for a fraud hobbyist. I think I learned like 5 different ones. (including the one I just learned) Who knew there were so many?

I went back to the craft store to get one of the last components of my big project. I think I have everything now. Even though I don’t have much time since my semester starts soon. I think I might be able to work on this project little by little secretly. My mom thought it was strange because I waned tubular crin. I just really wanna make my own cyber lox. For cheap. The cost of supplies is less than having somebody make them for me.

My mom thinks I’m insane since I’ve been procuring even more strange items for the hobby. Especially clothes. Once everything is not so secret anymore maybe everything will make a lot more sense to her. I can’t tell her; not yet anyway.

I’ve been thinking about high school again for some reason. It wasn’t because I was reading classmates.com or wanting to go back (hell no!)

I’m gonna be on edge for another 12 days or so because of school. Speaking of school I did mange to find a graphing calculator. I saved the receipt in case it is the wrong kind, or I don’t need it. I need to keep checking my school email constantly.

I got a MLP bracelet it had Scootaloo on it. It’s for kids so I’m not sure if it will fit me.

I also got an MLP coloring book. I can color in it with my new crayons! I attempted to, with some old crayons but Fluttershy didn’t come out that great. Those old crayons were no good because they did not have a purple crayon. There is a lot of purple in MLP FIM. Especially Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.

I bought some Monster High headphones the packaging is funny because it has a picture of the doll wearing the headphones, but they are for a person. They were good at first but then I wore them for a few hours and they gave me a horrible headache. I might keep them for discouraging me from binge watching on youtube.