I saw a junebug and freaked out. Why are there so many by apartment? Where did they come from? I remember seeing a lot of them 20 years ago. I lived in another city back then. My neighbors used to freak out about them so much. Actually I have a funny story about that. I got a hankering to listen to “Kiss from a Rose” and then watch some season one episodes of “Friends”. So 1995! The only reason I really freaked out was because it few into the car. If it hadn’t I would not have freaked out so much.

When I was like 6 there used to be a lot of click beetles where I lived at the time. I think they were drawn to the blackberry bush in the yard. That bush attracted a lot of wildlife. Including raccoon and more commonly possums.

I just want the book store to tell me what the deal is. My mom doesn’t understand why I want to rent books instead. Because they are cheaper. She doesn’t know I’m trying to cut corners to save money for my secret hobby. Or like Judge Milian from The People’s Court would say “the cheap come out expensive“.

I gotta remember to do all the stuff I need to do for school. Like clean out my backpack, and figure out a bus schedule.

I was thinking about why am I so drawn to the characters George Costanza and Usagi/Sailor Moon.

With George I think I like that he is neurotic. I don’t know I was very drawn to this character when I started watching the series at 10 years old.

Usagi; I don’t know I see a lot of myself in her a clumsy crybaby. Well I used to be a crybaby when I was younger. I know a lot of people hate that about her, but I don’t know I kinda like it. Remember when I was accused of sucking!? I felt like this. Although I didn’t look like it.