I was gonna post this yesterday, but I was so tired from the hot weather I fell asleep.

I was thinking about that 90s sketch comedy show The Edge. It’s a pretty obscure show I think? It aired on Fox. Back when they were more edgy. Julie Brown, Jennifer Aniston and Wayne Knight, and Tom Kenny were in it. There were a lot of sketch comedy shows on tv in the 90s .

I was thinking about the song “What You Waiting For?”. I want to make that a song for my secret hobby. Well besides “Right Between the Eyes” by Garbage. After I thought about it I remember I wanted a “What You Waiting For?” Tick Tock Gwen doll. I never got one. I got a “Cool” doll instead. I would buy another Gwen doll. If she released more for her third album.

I was thinking about George Costanza again. When I saw that article of clothing I bought it made me think about George Costanza for some reason. Then I realized that was a the answer to one of my hobby problems. Maybe a little like The Seven where he told his idea. His baby name got stolen. The other hobbyists discouraged an idea I had that I really liked, but did not conform to their superficial rules.

I think I might need more craft items too. I’ll hold off on buying those. When would I have the time to work on crafts now that school has started?

At the craft store they had 18 inch Springfield dolls I remember I really wanted one. I was gonna make crafts for it and everything. Now that I took on my new-ish secret hobby. I totally forgot about the doll. I don’t need one right now anyway. I’ll make due with my 18 inch CPK doll. All I want to do is make accessories anyway.