I had this really strange dream this morning.

I had to go to school to get my books. I only got to rent two of the books. If I would have paid full price for all the books they would have cost about $300. I rented 2 books for about $110 and had to buy another book for $70. I’ll tell my dad all 3 books cost $31 because that’s what they would have in 1971. He likes that.

Then I went to get a free bus pass. I had the old one from last semester. I was accused of passing off a bad bus pass. Can you believe it!? If I was gonna pull off a crime I would try to do something more than pass off a forged bus pass.  Anyway they told me it was gonna cost me $10 for a new one. Even though I did not forge it. Luckily I got another free one.

Why is it such a hassle to try and get anything done at the college!? Well at least it didn’t take a long time like last time. Maybe I should start reading the first chapters of the different books.

I got another idea for my secret hobby when I was getting books at the school. I’m not gonna tell them my idea I don’t need their approval/permission or have them potentially shoot it down. It’s not their style. If it doesn’t conform to their ideas.