I started reading part of one of the books. One of the books has short chapters. I still have to read the other book psych class is on Monday! I want to be well read. I still haven’t cracked open the math book. I don’t have math until Wednesday. The thing I’m most worried about is that secret elective. I’m afraid of personality clashes between me and the other students. Those kinds of classes draw a certain kind of student to them. Boisterous ones! They don’t really know how to deal with introverts like me. It will be the same thing over and over. “Why don’t you talk?”

I got another Pop Pony for $1.50. It’s a basic Pinkie Pie. Maybe I’ll go to the other walmart to see if there are more ponies

I could not find any novelty folders. What happened to them!? Even when I went to the back to school shopping earlier in the month there were not a lot of folders on sale. Are people just not using folders? I like novelty folders. They help keep me organized. I’ll use the Lisa Frank tiger folder for math and the pikachu folder for science.