I forgot a found an LPS blind bag at the Dollar Tree. My first LPS ever! I never had any of the G1 toys. I used to beg my parents for the Sea World sets. Although I did watch the old cartoon from the 90s. Which nobody seems to remember. I think they thought it was a knockoff of Animaniacs or something.

This is from the Candy Swirl Dreams blind bag collection.

The package says copyright 2013 on it.

I didn’t care who or what I got since it’s my first LPS. I got the frog. I think it is common. It smells good like a new G3 My Little Pony smells like.



Maybe I’ll look for a cheap G1 LPS toy.

Here is Pinkie Pie freed from the package.

Here she is snapped together with no hair.

Here she is with her hair. That is all that came with her.

Besides her stickers. The sheet is smaller than the ones that came with Rainbow Dash.

I swapped their hair. I think Rainbow Dash looks good with pink hair. It reminds me of some other pony, but I forget who.

I decided to make a half and half pony.

Pinkie Dash and Rainbow Pie.

I think this Mohawk looks way better on Pinkie.

The Rainbow Dash accessory hair looks good on Pinkie.

These Pop Ponies are a lot more fun when you have more than one. I kinda wish they just sold accessory sets to add on to your ponies so you would not have to buy a new pony.

Here is Pinkie, Rainbow and the Frog.

I feel like Arthur in the cartoon “The Short Quick Summer” I wanted to do all this stuff during the summer. Like get a bunch of stuff done related to my secret hobby, watch season 6 of Community (only watched 5 episodes so far), get caught up on my writing, and other stuff I forget. I did manage to do one thing related to my secret hobby so it wasn’t a wash. I was thinking about when I was a kid about when I wanted to have “adventures” during the summer. I thought about how I had spent my summer 20 years ago. Was it really that long ago? Well at least I beat level 80 on cookie jam and level 125 on Candy Crush Soda.

I need to start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I gotta get up really early for school.