My dad said he would help my with math. Yippie! I really don’t want him to help because he is annoying and bossy. All he ever does is yell at me.

Then he wants me to use his old books from the 1970s which probably cost 35¢ each back then. And got back $10 at the book buyback.

I didn’t tell him about the secret elective. I just called the class some other name. If my dad found out about it he wouldn’t be too happy. It’s nothing bad; just something he doesn’t like. Well it’s a good thing I didn’t pretend to take a sports class. He wanted to know the names/subjects of all my classes.

He also thought that it would be a good idea to go to the college on Sunday to find my classes. How old does he think I am!? 18!? (He did this when I was 18 at my first semester at the university. There were so many things that went wrong the first week with his “guidance”)

I’m breaking out. I don’t know if its stress or what. My nose is looking really pimply.

I watched 3 more episodes of Community. So episode 9 is the next one I’ll watch.

I could pretend to go somewhere all touristy. Instead of going to that tourist place I’d go to the hobbyist education program.

My mom doesn’t understand why I’m compulsively checking my school email. I need to know what to do! When I took Poli Sci the teacher told us that everybody now sends you emails about what to read before you start your first day of class, and you have to print out your syllabus at home. Surprisingly though my speech teacher did not do this. Because he kept it real because he knew that most people really don’t check their school emails.

Now the school website is down! The day before the fall semester starts?! Maybe it was hacked? I saw a Community episode about this. So I was thinking about hackers. It seems to be working now and I haven’t gotten any emails telling me about what to do or read.