The bus was so crowded! It was filled up with freshman and you knew they were freshman by the way they dress and carry themselves scream “freshman”. Especially if they are wearing any type of “Class of 2015” stuff. The new clothes and the pristine shoes. Maybe they need a raccoon coat like I saw in old movies. I accidentally stepped on some guy’s shoes on the bus. He should not have stretched out his legs or wore white shoes on the bus. Rookie bus rider mistake.

The worst thing was that I got there late by 3 minutes. There were hardly any seats left. They were mostly taken by people who wanted to add.

She said she does corporate psychology. I was thinking about Micheal Scott from The Office and all the crazy schemes he thought up. Then I was thinking about Psych the tv show and Shawn and Gus. I also thought about the theme song.

I had a copy of the book. I hope I didn’t look like a teacher’s pet.

She said she’s 33 and a Chargers fan. That’s close to my age. Ok 2 years apart. Then I wondered if I was the oldest person in the room aside from her.

She was telling us about collecting points. But when is it mathematically not possible to pass? And at what time in the semester? Like in Poli Sci when I could not pass after getting a bunch of “F”s on the quizzes. I think I need to ask her.

You have to do some kind of self discovery project or something. Perhaps I will make it about my secret hobby. Maybe about feeling like a fraud or something else. I haven’t decided. She also told us to be ourselves in class which makes me not want to be.

They always do ice breakers. I was actually prepared for something like this. I’ve been in college too long. @0@ They usually ask you crazy questions like “What is your major and favorite workout song?”. (my answer to that would be television and “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim)Here is what she asked your favorite childhood cartoon and toy. Hers were skip-it and the Snorks. I’m so old I actually knew what those 2 things are. I think I could sing the skip-it jingle from memory, and possibly the Snorks theme song. She called the Snorks “a knock-off Smurf that lived in the water.”

I thought about this cartoon.

Mine were Tom and Jerry (I could not decide on a cartoon) the toy was Sylvanian Families (Nobody knew what they were) It was hard to hear what everybody else was saying they were speaking so softly and the other people were speaking loudly near me who were not in my group. She wanted us to exchange contact info. And what if we group text and I accidentally get texted by a lonely Japanese boy posing as somebody from my class? I really hope I’m the Abed of the group. I wonder who is the Shirley? the Annie? or the Pierce? Somebody else mentioned Tale Spin. (they thought nobody knew what it was but I did, but didn’t want to reveal it)

She was making a reference to the cartoon Jem. It sort of reminds me of French class a little.

Then she wanted the groups to tell lies. I was thinking about the 30 Rock episode “Blind Date”. I was thinking about the part when they said that they could not read Kenneth’s mind.

One down two more to go.

I saw a Lolita at school. I think she was a sweet Lolita. She was wearing a lot of pink. Her outfit was so kawaii! I personally would never wear a Lolita outfit to school regularly. The school is dirty and uphill. I don’t think I could be a Lolita because I’m fat and it is hard to find clothes that fit me. They would never sell those kind of cute tights in Queen size. And because my parents would think I went insane. I need my clothes to be utilitarian.

The people are wandering around and blocking entrances. What if there is some kind of emergency and the people need to get out? And then the people get stuck like what happened in that night club. Because it’s fall there are a lot of people fresh out of high school more than in the spring semester. There was even some guy was sitting on the curb. Hopefully it will thin out by Wednesday.

I went to the Walmart to get some school supplies. There were no Pop Ponies on sale. 😦 They were all gone and they redid the toy aisles. I got some cheap puppy folders and erasers.

The problem is I can’t find the assignments online. Maybe I’ll check again later. I keep checking, but the website is still having problems.

My dad is still nosy about what I’m taking. He needs to know all the class names and times and stuff.

The class tomorrow is the one I’m most nervous about.