The were a lot of problems with this class. First I have to get up at 5AM for it to get there at 8AM. Everybody is fighting to get out of the apartment. The buses are crowded with commuters. I kept making excuses about not going. My mom didn’t understand she thought I was going to math because I was acting so strangely. I wasn’t even sure I wanted that class it doesn’t count towards anything. I can take it or leave it.

Everybody pretty much knew everybody. It made me think of my writing class. For some reason I don’t like that feeling. I felt I don’t know like singled out or something.

I thought “you’re in your head too much again.” I want to sometimes not be seen, and I was ignored by the class not intentionally. I was like Sue Heck.

When I mentioned how much I loved the game show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?” Other people said they remembered it. There are some other Gumshoes/Carmen Sandiego fans, and that is not bad! I didn’t think anybody would remember the game show since most of these people are about 10 years younger than me and were probably born around the time it was cancelled. I gotta say those people in those class are really good at referencing pop culture. They are like I predicted: boisterous, loud, noisy, and interrupting. This class is no place for an INFP.

I’m not sure if I really wanna talk about the class in detail. My teacher looks like Honey Lemon. From Big Hero 6. But the others said she looks like Laura Prepon.

I can put my writing skills to work, but I think I’m in over my head in terms of my skills for what this class is about. There were no prerequisites. I really feel like dropping it. I thought this class would help me not feel like a fraud, but it made me feel even more like one. I’m just so confused! I think I just need more chops. Or maybe I should focus on my writing. I like it I’m comfortable with it.