I was fumbling around with my large rolling backpack. It was packed with stuff and hard to maneuver. Because I had changed backpacks I ended up forgetting a lot of stuff like I thought I would.

Every time I walk through the parking lot I keep getting rocks in my shoe.

I still could not get to class on time. I had to drag that backpack all around campus. And up the stairs; it doesn’t roll very well.

I psych class she was talking about perspective. I was thinking about that Arthur cartoon Happy Anniversary! I was writing about Laser Nostrils, sandwiches, and the witch and the robot. Then she was talking about the search for truth. And I was thinking about one of the Detective Conan theme songs. “Truth” which they use for the Detective Conan commercial on UTB. She was talking about stereotypes and sub culture groups. And about conformity it made me think of my secret hobby and how writing about it for a class project would be a good idea. Although I did get my question answered by my teacher. I need to know about passing. I think this psych class could help me with my secret hobby even though I thought that my secret elective too. Even though I’ve never taken a Psych class I know a little about it since I used to watch that show with Philip Zimbardo in it.

Before math class I was eating a sandwich thinking about Word Girl, Chuck, and the high five sandwich. I wanted to get there really early because I knew there would be a lot of people trying to add.

Then I realized math needs a lot of my attention. I’m pretty rusty. I remember a little. She told us we don’t really need anything special for this class. like graphing calculators and graph paper.

I don’t think I have found a good semester theme song. Maybe I’ll give each class a different song. I want to go with “I Know You Know” aka the Psych theme song, and for math I don’t know maybe “Math” by Supernova? I’m not sure because it mentions getting an F. It’s a pretty great little song.


As of posting I dropped my secret elective class. I thought I could do a lot more. That I could take on 3 classes and going to school 5 days a week.My mom didn’t understand why I wanted to take that class so badly. So there will be no way about telling her about hobbyist education programs. She’d never understand. Like when I was 19 and could handle taking 4 classes 5 days a week. My dad is pretty pissed about this anyway like I predicted. My arms hurt from lugging around that backpack all over campus. With the dropped class hopefully I will have more time to work on my secret hobby, but class work should come first.