I liked having Thursday off. Even though I can’t take that class I think would not have liked going to school 5 days a week. The funny thing is that since I wanted that other class first I scheduled my other classes all around it and signed up for them later.

I tried the math and it’s hard I hardly remember any of it. My dad wants to “help”. This is why I avoided taking math for 10 years. Well not entirely. You know because it was hard to get classes especially for math and because there were those 5 years where I could not get back into school. The last time I took a math class 4kids tv (on Fox) was still airing new episodes of the Winx Club.

Maybe I can get a job at a Halloween store. I think that ship might have sailed.

I did call Hasbro and tell my suggestion. Whateves if they don’t use it. I’m going to try and make my own pieces and see how they come out.

It’s hard for me to see the board and I got to class right on time. So all the good seats in the front were taken. I’m trying to fake it in there. I’m sure about how good of a job I’m doing. Since I haven’t taken a math class in about 10 years I’m super rusty. I forgot a lot of stuff. Even how to work my calculator. The problem is it’s coming back to me in bits and pieces.

I remembered something I was told in high school by one of my math teachers. He would always talk about how he got the highest score on a math test or something at the college he went to. And that every year he would check to see if people had broken his record or something. He would always brag about it. Teachers can be so snooty. Anyway he said we should be spending out money on math related books. Including The Mathematical Magpie. I thought should spend my money on frivolous things like No Doubt related items and fashionable clothes. (I was about 14 or 15 at the time) Should I have bought that book?

Maybe I can pull another one out. Like I did in high school.

Maybe I’m not cut out for advanced math. I think I’ll pass on the Project MC2 dolls.I