I’m reviewing the Zecora Pop Pony? Zebra? She is not the first zebra in the My Little Pony cannon universe.

These are the stickers she came with.

Here is the package open.

Too bad they didn’t paint the stripes on her body.

She came with 3 manes and 2 tails. I think Rainbow Dash came with less hair because she came with wings.

This mane and tail are the most show accurate. These are made out of like vinyl or something. It was really hard to get the jewelry on her. It kept popping off.

I really like the teal and fuchsia mane and tail.

She also came with a mane that has plastic lacing.

Here they are mixed up. I only have 3 Pop ponies.

These are the largest G4 ponies I have. I don’t have any G4 brushables, and I’m not sure if I want any.

These ponies are about the same size as the G1 baby ponies. Here is Baby Pockets and Pinkie Pie.

I think I will make an experimental tail or something. I want to make it simplistic I don’t want to waste my good crafting supplies on an experiment. I can’t decide what to use I’ve seen the other sets that use things like foam and yarn.