The last year I took math was like 2006. I remember because the semester I took off was when Bob Barker announced his retirement. The problem was that the college sent me a letter telling me that I could graduate soon. I realized I was at a crappy school and I didn’t want to graduate from there. I also mistakenly thought I was almost finished with college. I even tried to apply to a university. Until I realized I had taken too few classes to count towards anything really. I had a long way to go and my family was mad at me.

That school is all kinds of messed up. Don’t believe the yelp reviews. Which is funny since it seems to have the same rating as the school I go to now. I found the place small, disorganized, and poorly run. When I went they made me take classes I didn’t need. They forged my math test and had me take math classes I didn’t need. They couldn’t forge my English classes because I took it at the university. And I’m at the level. They messed up my financial aid for another school.