The bus on the ride over there was crowded, but not as crowded as before.

When I got there I was early even. I got there even before the teacher. It’s thinning out a little.

So this guy in my group assumed that all the good students brought their books. Don’t assume that about me. Which I find funny I almost forgot my book it was in my bed I leave my school supplies in strange places.

Taking notes was boring. I couldn’t see anything from the far corner of the room anyway. I need opera glasses or something. I was so busy thinking up pony hair, and about my secret hobby.

I’ll need to pack light for next class anyway. This is something I need to figure out it’s only my second week.

Besides that nothing really interesting seemed to happen in class.

I’ve been checking the website to do my assignment, but there have been a lot of problems. Like timing out on me.