Passing off a Bad Bus Pass — August 19, 2015

Passing off a Bad Bus Pass

I had this really strange dream this morning.

I had to go to school to get my books. I only got to rent two of the books. If I would have paid full price for all the books they would have cost about $300. I rented 2 books for about $110 and had to buy another book for $70. I’ll tell my dad all 3 books cost $31 because that’s what they would have in 1971. He likes that.

Then I went to get a free bus pass. I had the old one from last semester. I was accused of passing off a bad bus pass. Can you believe it!? If I was gonna pull off a crime I would try to do something more than pass off a forged bus pass.  Anyway they told me it was gonna cost me $10 for a new one. Even though I did not forge it. Luckily I got another free one.

Why is it such a hassle to try and get anything done at the college!? Well at least it didn’t take a long time like last time. Maybe I should start reading the first chapters of the different books.

I got another idea for my secret hobby when I was getting books at the school. I’m not gonna tell them my idea I don’t need their approval/permission or have them potentially shoot it down. It’s not their style. If it doesn’t conform to their ideas.

Beetles and Usagi (things from 1995) — August 18, 2015

Beetles and Usagi (things from 1995)

I saw a junebug and freaked out. Why are there so many by apartment? Where did they come from? I remember seeing a lot of them 20 years ago. I lived in another city back then. My neighbors used to freak out about them so much. Actually I have a funny story about that. I got a hankering to listen to “Kiss from a Rose” and then watch some season one episodes of “Friends”. So 1995! The only reason I really freaked out was because it few into the car. If it hadn’t I would not have freaked out so much.

When I was like 6 there used to be a lot of click beetles where I lived at the time. I think they were drawn to the blackberry bush in the yard. That bush attracted a lot of wildlife. Including raccoon and more commonly possums.

I just want the book store to tell me what the deal is. My mom doesn’t understand why I want to rent books instead. Because they are cheaper. She doesn’t know I’m trying to cut corners to save money for my secret hobby. Or like Judge Milian from The People’s Court would say “the cheap come out expensive“.

I gotta remember to do all the stuff I need to do for school. Like clean out my backpack, and figure out a bus schedule.

I was thinking about why am I so drawn to the characters George Costanza and Usagi/Sailor Moon.

With George I think I like that he is neurotic. I don’t know I was very drawn to this character when I started watching the series at 10 years old.

Usagi; I don’t know I see a lot of myself in her a clumsy crybaby. Well I used to be a crybaby when I was younger. I know a lot of people hate that about her, but I don’t know I kinda like it. Remember when I was accused of sucking!? I felt like this. Although I didn’t look like it.


Co-stanza! —


I was gonna post this yesterday, but I was so tired from the hot weather I fell asleep.

I was thinking about that 90s sketch comedy show The Edge. It’s a pretty obscure show I think? It aired on Fox. Back when they were more edgy. Julie Brown, Jennifer Aniston and Wayne Knight, and Tom Kenny were in it. There were a lot of sketch comedy shows on tv in the 90s .

I was thinking about the song “What You Waiting For?”. I want to make that a song for my secret hobby. Well besides “Right Between the Eyes” by Garbage. After I thought about it I remember I wanted a “What You Waiting For?” Tick Tock Gwen doll. I never got one. I got a “Cool” doll instead. I would buy another Gwen doll. If she released more for her third album.

I was thinking about George Costanza again. When I saw that article of clothing I bought it made me think about George Costanza for some reason. Then I realized that was a the answer to one of my hobby problems. Maybe a little like The Seven where he told his idea. His baby name got stolen. The other hobbyists discouraged an idea I had that I really liked, but did not conform to their superficial rules.

I think I might need more craft items too. I’ll hold off on buying those. When would I have the time to work on crafts now that school has started?

At the craft store they had 18 inch Springfield dolls I remember I really wanted one. I was gonna make crafts for it and everything. Now that I took on my new-ish secret hobby. I totally forgot about the doll. I don’t need one right now anyway. I’ll make due with my 18 inch CPK doll. All I want to do is make accessories anyway.

They Love to Watch you as you fall Apart — August 15, 2015

They Love to Watch you as you fall Apart

I don’t know if it’s the stress or the heat, but I’ve been having some strange dreams. I had a dream about a beach.

I used my cheapness sense to get a used computer monitor. I was like George Costanza when he tells Jerry he can get a good deal on a chair if he goes to Delaware to buy it. I also keep a five on the outside of my bills. It was 1/5 the price I would have paid for a new one. It’s a long drive over there so I brought some Garbage CDs. It made me realize how many Garbage songs relate to my secret hobby. I was mostly thinking about songs off “Bleed Like Me”. When I was listening to “Right Between the Eyes” It made me think about my secret hobby again. I mentioned this before. (I know the song is really about Courtney Love.) It made me think about how is seems like some of the other hobbyists seem somewhat threatened by me or something that I can’t place. I don’t mean this in an arrogant way really. I’m not following the superficial guidelines they have set up for themselves. Me being myself, well they don’t like it. Which I find funny since this is one of the few times I’ve actually wanted to be myself. I get ideas seemingly everywhere. Maybe that should be my secret hobby song! Yeah! Something from Garbage!

The car broke down on the ride home. I was stuck by the offramp. I made it back, eventually.



More Procured Items — August 14, 2015

More Procured Items

I’ve been thinking of punk culture but it wasn’t because of
their music and fashion in general .

Maybe I’m just feeling a little disillusioned about my secret hobby.

I’ve been feeling so frustrated I want to punch a computer monitor. I know that sounds horrible. I was thinking about this commercial.

I feel like Donald Duck in the “Sky Trooper” cartoon about my secret hobby when all he wants to do is fly. Or maybe like Mike from the song “Institutionalized” Does anybody have a Pepsi!?

I learned another derogatory term for a fraud hobbyist. I think I learned like 5 different ones. (including the one I just learned) Who knew there were so many?

I went back to the craft store to get one of the last components of my big project. I think I have everything now. Even though I don’t have much time since my semester starts soon. I think I might be able to work on this project little by little secretly. My mom thought it was strange because I waned tubular crin. I just really wanna make my own cyber lox. For cheap. The cost of supplies is less than having somebody make them for me.

My mom thinks I’m insane since I’ve been procuring even more strange items for the hobby. Especially clothes. Once everything is not so secret anymore maybe everything will make a lot more sense to her. I can’t tell her; not yet anyway.

I’ve been thinking about high school again for some reason. It wasn’t because I was reading or wanting to go back (hell no!)

I’m gonna be on edge for another 12 days or so because of school. Speaking of school I did mange to find a graphing calculator. I saved the receipt in case it is the wrong kind, or I don’t need it. I need to keep checking my school email constantly.

I got a MLP bracelet it had Scootaloo on it. It’s for kids so I’m not sure if it will fit me.

I also got an MLP coloring book. I can color in it with my new crayons! I attempted to, with some old crayons but Fluttershy didn’t come out that great. Those old crayons were no good because they did not have a purple crayon. There is a lot of purple in MLP FIM. Especially Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.

I bought some Monster High headphones the packaging is funny because it has a picture of the doll wearing the headphones, but they are for a person. They were good at first but then I wore them for a few hours and they gave me a horrible headache. I might keep them for discouraging me from binge watching on youtube.

A Box of Wigs — August 11, 2015

A Box of Wigs

Now I’m not sure what to do with these. They are not for me. They are for doll heads. For the Mystixx Vampire dolls to be exact. They won’t fit my head.

I went to the doctor for an appointment I missed which I don’t even remember getting. They told me I was supposed to be taking that medicine for 2 months. Which I never got a prescription for.

It’s a strange limbo of anxiety for the next 2 weeks or so. I’m gonna try and not stress myself out about school too much. I know I’m gonna get start of school stress dreams. I think they might have begun.

I was thinking about my secret hobby and the frauds and all that nonsense. Then I was thinking about the song”Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish. I don’t wanna be a “sell out” to my hobby.

I watched the video and now I want a hamburger and some fries.

I’m feelin’ stressed so I think I should relax by binge watching some episodes of World.

Icy Gal — August 10, 2015

Icy Gal

The outfit was so cheap feeling. Especially the top part of the dress the part with the fringe-y type stuff. It was thin enough to get her into the stand.

The skirt was so tight I could barley get in on Stella. It barley closed on her torso not because it’s shorter I think this dress might have been made too small.

Her in the black leggins and blue boots reminded me of Icy. I think the Azra character has ice powers like Icy from the Winx Club.


(this is a stock photo of the Mattel Icy doll I do not own one)

I didn’t even attempt to put in on Draculaura.

I like the boots they have like a scaly pattern on them.

The one good thing about this outfit was that it also came with a pair of those tall socks.

These boots really look good with this dress from the Robecca fashion pack.

The choker looks good with Draculaura’s outfit.

This is my last Mystixx Vampires outfit to review unless I find some more at the 99¢ Store.

Or what about that ACME Agent costume I was planning last year? I found my really loud tie. I still need a sports coat and a fedora.

Speaking of things from Carmen Sandiego I was thinking maybe I needed to think like an ACME Agent to solve one of my hobby problems. It was right there in my face! XoX @0@ I’ve been feeling a little glum. I was listening to “Indiana” thinking about how much I like that song, and that I wrote way too many Livejournal entries about that song. The song is so sad, but it cheers me right up.

I was thinking about how I feel about easing back into the hobby. As George Costanza would say “eased into the water like an old man into a nice warm bath.” Plus I’m really stressed about going back to school. Each new semester makes me stressed out. No matter how long I’ve been in school. Adding hobby stress would make it even worse. I really want to stay focused this semester. I’m taking math, and math needs a lot of my attention because I’m so bad at it. No, not bad I’m slow at it. That’s not including the other 2 classes I got on my plate.

Nobody’s Real — August 9, 2015

Nobody’s Real

This dress is nearly identical to the green one. At first I thought they were almost the same dress except the green one had straps. A closer extermination shows that the skirts are different.

This dress is also thick in the torso area. Since Stella has a smaller torso it didn’t close completely in the back or get her to fit in Draculaura’s stand.

The skirt of this dress was too thin. I thought I ripped it when I was trying to take it off Stella.

It took me a while to take this off Draculaura. I could not get the dress off her hips. A small child would have been even more frustrated with this than I was, and I’ve been playing with fashion dolls for about 25 years.

I didn’t bother putting the shoes on anybody else. They were the exact same shoes but purple.

The choker was almost or nearly identical to the one in the other outfit


The one thing I liked about this outfit was these socks. They were made a little better and stretched better because they were longer.

I was thinking about stopping my break from my secret hobby. Or setting a date to go back to it. Then I thought “Whateves it’s cool. I’m busy.” I thought I’d go back to it, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll return slowly. Take it easy.

Then I was thinking about how I’ve been worried about being a fraud. Anyway this thought hit me maybe the ones who think I’m a fraud are really the frauds themselves. Wrap your mind around that! Then I thought about that Powerman 5000 song “Nobody’s Real”.

I was thinking that Halloween is approaching, and haven’t really come up with a costume idea. For some reason I feel like wearing a cape. Well I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around… Nothing concrete yet though.

Melancholy Goth — August 8, 2015

Melancholy Goth

I don’t like this dress. It’s too thick. It reminds me of a Spanish dancer dress or something, but not goth. The dress was so thick I could not get Stella to fit in Draculaura’s stand.

The one thing I have to say about it is “doll cleavage”. Since Stella is my smallest doll it was hard to get this dress to close. Her torso was too short. And it doesn’t cover her chest area.

The dress was so thick it was hard getting Draculaura to fit in the stand. The tiny straps get twisted and are hard to get on the doll. Even when I took off Draculaura’s hands.

These heels only seemed to fit Draculaura. They were too small for Stella, Howleen and Tecna. They look like they are playing dressup in their mother’s shoes. It took a few tries to get them on Draculaura’s feet. My doll has weak knees because I’ve played with her so much.

The cute choker is a nice addition, but could easily be lost by a little kid.

Too bad the socks don’t fit. These are pretty cute and would look nice on a doll if they were functional.

I saw the finale of Wordgirl. It was so sad. I cried during it. No spoilers though. A must watch for any Wordgirl fan. Well I guess I could always write my own fan faction.

Candy Punk — August 7, 2015

Candy Punk

I’m here to review the Talin Punk Couture outfit.

The wig that came with this outfit is like fake fur. It was so cheap looking the fur was coming off the wig cap.

As usual the socks don’t fit. The problem with these socks is that they don’t stretch much. Especially the printed ones.

The boots look like yellow motorcycle boots. At least it was a different shoe mold.

They look great with Howleen’s outfit because of all the yellow.

This is the hardest top to get on the dolls. it’s an off the shoulder top it was hard to get on Stella because of her hands. The skirt matches her headband.

I had to take off Draculaura’s hands again.

Surprisingly I didn’t have much trouble with the skirt.

I finally beat level 125 on Candy Crush Soda! It took me about 2 months to beat it. I think when I started it was the start of the NBA Finals. It took me 3 color bombs and 2 coloring candies and a color bomb and coloring candy combo.

I had a silly thought about when I had to wait for a counselor appointment. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode “The Chinese Restaurant“. That was just a horrible day I got a bad sun burn while waiting for the bus to come home.

I realized that I don’t have everything I need to work on the thing I want to work on for my secret hobby. I think I need to take another trip to the craft store.