Transportation Problems — September 29, 2015

Transportation Problems

I was really tired I stayed up late working on my psych assignment. I had all weekend to work on it, and I didn’t go to a baseball game this weekend or anything like that. I was up until a little past 2:30 AM working on it. I felt I did better on this assignment. Than my last one like this. Out of the 4 assignments I turned in and got graded I got 3 “F”s and 1 “A”. What I turned in was I hope “C” or “D” caliber work. I was pretty tired all morning. I even drank a cola with my breakfast.

It was strange the teacher and I both had problems getting there. I was almost marked absent in class because I was thinking about football.

She told us we had to do a presentation for the class. We had to make a poster, and she told us that they would be graded on creativity. She said we could sing a song. I really wanted to sing “Kingdom of Shy” in class, but would anybody else know that song? After I had speech class things like this don’t bother me as much. It was like when we had to give our impromptu speech. I wasn’t sweating it too much because I had read the whole chapter in the book. I’m not sure about the rest of my group members.

I was gonna help with drawing but somebody else got that. The only thing I said was that I did not want to write on the poster because I write illegibly. Again I was not speaking up. I was demonstrating my problem right there in front of the others while we were doing the assignment. (perhaps I should write about that to the teacher?) I was looking at what they were drawing I thought they were drawing eyes like this XoX But they were like star eyes. Well I can’t complain since I didn’t draw it. I just wanted to draw cutsey things on it. (my addiction to all things cutesy and kawaii was coming out, but I didn’t mention about wanting to draw something cute.) Honestly I think our poster wasn’t very creative.

That annoying guy in my group is like Kramer from Seinfeld.

I noticed she is really behind in her lecturing.

Hatching — September 28, 2015


I hope October will be a good month for me because it usually isn’t. I’m just feeling down in the dumps.

I thought about why my scheme worked the last semester first I was going to class every day even when I dropped poli sci. I just had to stay a little longer. I would usually go shopping or to the public library. This totally sounds like some wacky scheme Barry Goldberg hatched up or something like when he pretended to still work at the pizza place after he got fired.

Once I get my mom out of my hair and off my back then I can really look for an apprenticeship. And if my parents really wanna know what I’m doing I’ll tell them it’s for a job.

Vend-o-class — September 26, 2015


I was watching the least week of decade week of The Price is Right. It cut off to show speech about John Boehner leaving congress. Then I screamed at the tv. Did I mention I did that during the Challenger explosion and when former President Ford died. I was old when Ford died.

That vending machine game on the Price is Right is ok. I don’t know I’m not used to it yet. I did like that they used the old sound effect from Penny Ante. I was thinking about when I hard the same sound in the Trebek version of Double from 1976.

I’m so ready to contact somebody from the hobby to apprentice with because I need all the help I can get. Psych is an ok class, but I think I’m not doing too well in there. I’m pretty much done with school. That’s why I was trying to take a lot of classes so I can finish really really fast. I want to finish and then everybody will stop bothering me! And my mom will really have something to brag about.

I think I’ll tell my dad around Halloween about math and act like I want to salvage my GPA which I really do. That the class was too hard, and I had to drop it. I’ll just pretend it’s the first class I ever dropped in my college career. But it was Poli Sci. Plus I really think I have a learning disability related to math. I’m gonna see if I can get diagnosed or something. I don’t know why he brags about taking math as an elective when he was in college since he got a “D” in it.

I think my Halloween plans are pretty much down the toilet. 😦

Math Shy — September 24, 2015

Math Shy

In psych class  I have to partner up with another person. I don’t know what their problem is in relation to the assignment. I think it is some emotional thing. She tried to pair up people with similar problems. I didn’t feel like talking to the teacher, but she didn’t grade my work. When I left I was thinking about the song “Kingdom of Shy”.

The good thing was that I finally got an appointment with the counselor. After all this time. I need to know about my major and if I really need to take poli sci. I noticed on the form they gave me it said it was recommended and not needed.

I got my test back and it was really bad like I predicted. It was a low “F” although I did get an “A” on the homework. I told myself “This is probably one of the only ‘A’s you’ll see in here”.

I essentially knew I was going to leave the bad test grade was the clincher. I purposely did not bring the book, and pretended to take notes in class. I was really just doodling. I imagined myself looking like a “bad student” from some kind of movie wearing something studded and made of leather and maybe some wild hair or earrings. When she gave us a break I packed up my stuff and left when she wasn’t looking.

My mom told me not to drop anymore classes. All I have left is Psych now. So it’s like last semester when I ended up with one class. I’m still kinda upset I used my “good judgement” (which is pretty questionable now) and try to stick with math. Because I knew that class would have been a lot more fun and given me a lot of cred.

As of posting I dropped math.

Now I gotta pretend to go to math for about 3 months to my dad. Part of me really wants to look for a fellow hobbyist so I can apprentice with them or something and get some real cred.

I Have to go Play Plinko — September 23, 2015

I Have to go Play Plinko

I’m trying to thing up something good, implausible, and horrible. For an excuse to give my group like that annoying guy in my class does. The worse part is the other members believe it or at least they say they do. I just really wanna yell out “That’s some bull!”

I should use the excuse from Better off Dead? “My little brother got his arm stuck in the microwave. So my mom had to take him to the hospital. My grandma dropped acid this morning, and she freaked out. She hijacked a busload of… penguins. So it’s sort of a family crisis. Bye!”

What about this one? I didn’t do my homework because I got in an argument with an acrobat. You’d think they’d believe it?

I also noticed that the teacher’s Powerpoint slides have what she says during the lecture in the notes part of it. So that is a big help.

I almost ready to just drop math. I feel like nobody really understands why I wanna take a lot of classes. Um..because I want finish college like 5 years ago and I need to do it now! I sound like Veruca. XD

I watched Best Time Ever again. Even though they say it’s unpredictable it seems very formulaic.

That 1970s throwback Price is Right was ok, but the 80s one seemed really off. I do like that they use the old music queues. I don’t like the new remixed ones. Too bad they didn’t wear power suits like the models did in the 1980s. I was hoping they would revive an old retried game like On the Nose or something.

Ambiguous Skits — September 22, 2015

Ambiguous Skits

I did mange to do the homework while trying to read the book while watching Best Time Ever and finish it up on Sunday after the Emmys while watching the Sunday Night game.

So we had to perform skit that were based on what we read in the book. We had to do a skit about celebrities which I hoped we would get since I had to do something like that last semester. The guy picked the sports star. I can handle the big 4; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. He wanted to do a soccer skit I know nothing about that. He picked the celebrity he wanted to be in the skit. He wanted to be Reggie Bush.

I would have had more time to write a skit outline at home if I hadn’t wasted all that time at the Dodger game. My notes were “Reggie Bush, NFL Today”

I don’t know why, but when I said “Welcome to the NFL Today!” Everybody laughed. The guy was really hamming it up. Strangely enough I was not too scared while performing.

Which by the way in case you didn’t know that is a real program.

I should have mentioned “Dan”. Dan who? Fouts? Throw in a Charger reference. Didn’t he used to do Monday Night Football commentary?

What a bad album. Please don’t remind me.

Although my mom agrees that the class title of “College Algebra” is deceitful if it is pre-calculus. I’m not sure how to break the news to my dad once I’ve dropped it.

Pirates and Parking — September 20, 2015

Pirates and Parking

I have a bunch of things to do.

UTB changed their schedule and vaguely hinted at it on their website, but it was hard to understand what they were trying to say. I think they literally translate the Japanese website into English

I have no idea what is on!

I got in trouble for taking a nap. I’m tired from school, and I should have used my better sense not to go to a Dodger game with my dad.

We ran into Rose Bowl traffic for the Bruins game. He got lost going to the stadium.

I thought there would have been more pirate themed things. Especially since the team they were playing were the Pirates and it was talk like a pirate day. They had a trivia game and, my ego was acting up again. I realized that I know a lot of pirate and Dodgers trivia. But I did remember about Don Sutton only because I saw him in a episode of Match Game 78 on Monday.

I was thinking about Peach High School Baseball.

They played some footage of Hello Kitty dancing to disco music. Hello Kitty in a Dodgers uniform.

There wasn’t anything good to eat there, so I settled for a BBQ brisket sandwich. It was good, but spicy. There was a lot of pepper on it and I could see it. Later on during the game it gave me ingestion.

Fred Savage was there to promote his new tv show. Of course they played “With a Little Help From my Friends”. How could you not associate him with that song? I liked that short lived show on NBC he was in; Working.

Scott Leonard ruined the original song for me. Now when I hear it original I want to harmonize.

I took a picture of this peculiar Dodger Dog.

I went looking all around for a Hello Kitty Dodgers shirt, but almost all the Hello Kitty merchandise they had was plush.

I had a pretzel during the 8th inning. It was soft and buttery. I drank a bunch of cola to stay awake.

The whole thing was pretty much a disaster like I predicted.

He can take my “cool” cousin all he wants because my dad keeps losing the car at events. We were walking around the parking lot looking for the car for about a half hour. That was the last straw! My “cool” cousin so much better than me. He listens to cool music, likes the coolest sports teams, and drives the coolest vehicles. He is a lot more like my dad than I am; which in turn makes him cooler.


I won’t be Getting my Cutie Mark in Math — September 18, 2015

I won’t be Getting my Cutie Mark in Math

My mom thinks I already psyched myself out with math already. Now I have a sinking feeling I should have stuck with the elective because it was more helpful towards the hobby than with math which I find to be an utterly useless class to take to get me closer to my degree. I need cred in the hobbyist world! None of the hobbyists care if I can complete the square or any of that shit. (honestly I don’t either)

I guess this is why this class was “left” and statistics was all filled up.

Speaking of the hobby I got that item that had shipping that cost more than the item. Stuff like that is hard to come by around here. But I’m going to see if I can find a local supplier. (it’s not drugs)

When I was taking the test I was thinking “If anybody thinks about copying off me. Well they got another thing coming. With my abysmal quiz scores they would be advised not to.” There was this guy I was sitting next to who was really visibly frustrated with the test looking at it, shaking his head, grabbing his head, huffing, etc. I was too, but I try to play it cool and make it look like I know what I’m doing even if I’m scared or upset inside. My approach is “I don’t know so I’ll make shit up”.

I was like I knew how to do a lot of this stuff, but when I looked at the test my mind went blank.

Perhaps I should take a look at the next chapter we are covering in the book.

I have a feeling the outcome would not be good. A “C” or higher I’m dreamin’. A “D” really hopeful and an “F” the most likely possible outcome.

I’m so ready to just quit now and focus more on the hobby. Do I really need math? I mean at this advanced level? I feel this is the level I have plateaued at. It was the same thing in high school. I just wanna give a big middle finger to calculus and pre-calculus.

I know the worse repercussion will be how my dad reacts to it. But I know my limits and this is not gonna be like my last 2 years of high school all over again. I just need to keep telling myself if I don’t finish college I’m gonna end up an alcoholic hobo who talks to them-self aloud. My life is so fucked up it’s not even funny.

Crispy MP3s — September 17, 2015

Crispy MP3s

When I went to pick up the player the girl asked for my credit card. i already paid through a different method.

I couldn’t find anything in the mall I wanted to wear. There were these cute Sailor Moon shirts, but they were too small. 😦  I really wish Hot Topic sold Carmen Sandiego shirts. I would totally buy that! And wear the shirt with a stylish fedora. That idea is not bad! I think I’m too old to shop there.

This new MP3 player is different that the old one. Way different! It’s heavier and I can personalize it more. I can add a screen saver, but I’m not sure which picture to use. It has a clock too. Plus after I added all the stuff from my 2 gig player I still have a lot of room. It’s not really 8 gig it’s like 7. something, but still bigger than the last one. I was gonna take it to school with me, but I’m still not sure how to work it. Like usual the ear buds that came with it were too large for my ears.

I tried that crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds. It was good but definitely not worth the price. It reminded me of that other chicken sandwich they had back in 2008. Do they still sell that? The one I ordered was a little burned and needed more mayo.

I’m still stressed out about my math test. X0X X-X

100% Pure Math — September 16, 2015

100% Pure Math

I ordered myself a new MP3 player.  They are so hard to find since everybody uses smartphones for music now. But it holds 4 times the capacity of my old one. Too bad I spent some of my hobbyist money on the player; -$70 from that.

I was going through some of the PowerPoint slides the Psych teacher has for download. They remind me of like a horrible blog plastered with pictures and very little text. I hate blogs like that! Ok most of the time unless it’s like a craft blog with craft instructions or something. They look like a teenager wrote them! Really! The graphics are too flashy and hard to read. When I miss the notes I’m gonna have to decipher these things. I hate vague PowerPoint slides! If she is trying to pass herself off as hip and trendy I’m not buying it. Perhaps because she’s 2 years older than me? Maybe to an impressionable 18-21 year old, but not me.

I was trying to remember the last math class I took 9 years ago. All I seem to remember from that class was some bitchy cliqueish girls who would brag about their boyfriends and text all through class, some guy with a funny dolly backpack thing, the teacher’s uncommon name, and his strange sense of humor.

I’ve been thinking about a Halloween costume. I’m thinking about being either something spooky or cutesy. But not both this year. What about an ugly crone witch with wild teased hair?

I noticed quite a few people wearing Guns N’ Roses shirts at school. I wonder if they are fans or this is some kind of trend? I should use my illusion or is it allusion?

She came late which was good and bad. No Beatles though.I sat in a wobbly left handed desk, but I had to switch. She said some people chose projects that were too hard to accomplish during a semester. I thought my secret hobby was like that. It’s something hard to accomplish. There are a lot of little things you have to learn first. But shyness ties in nicely to it, and I really want to change it anyway. By the way she describes herself she seems to come off as an INFP. But she doesn’t seem to act INFP-like in class. She’s too bubbly! I thought that was really funny because she said about being from the same generation, and she wondered if she was. I was laughing so hard. She doesn’t know it, but we are. XD We have to perform in skits next class. Then I was thinking I could use some of the same strategies I used in my speech class. I’m gonna go over my old blogs and stuff to get ideas. I’m not sure if I feel confident enough to talk with a fake accent again. All I might need it is a rough outline of an idea of a skit. She said we get the skit topic at random. As long as I don’t goof off too much over the weekend by watching too much football or old game shows. I know which celebrities she reminds me of! It’s Katy Perry and Leighton Meester. I knew it would come to me eventuality. *smacks forehead*

My math teacher talks politics; honestly that doesn’t belong there. I got another “F” on my quiz; four “F”s is not good. Well I wanna see how I do on the test on Friday. I’m really stressed. It was all math for the whole 2 hours. It was boring and draining. I didn’t want to leave because I’ve been doing so badly in there. If I fail the first 2 tests I’m gonna have to drop the class.

I checked my grade and I got a bad grade on that assignment I half assed after binge watching 7 hours of game shows. But I got a good grade on what I wrote about shyness. Even though I felt what I wrote was just ok. She liked it, so whateves. *shrugs* But now she knows about me and Halloween costumes.