The school website still isn’t working. How am I or the other people in my class going to be able to finish? I would assume she is aware of it now. I’m so frustrated with my work. The teacher said it would be private and different. It’s like I’m reading a bad message board. Really! They are too slow! I could have done this yesterday! Plus I can’t think of anything good to write. I wrote something. *shrugs* Eh. I just hope the group did the assignment right. I don’t have time to be on the website right before class trying to finish my work. I like to be the wildcard of the group. In that sometimes I’m studious and neurotic. And sometimes I’m apathetic and lazy. It depends on the assignment, the people, the class, how I feel and other stuff like that. I think I found the Britta of my group.

My dad was bragging about how he got an A in psychology (in the 1970s) Does he even know if I’m taking the same course he did? I think there are 8-10 different psychology classes at the school.

Then I realized the last time I took 4 classes was when Super Bowl XL (40) was held and 50 is going to happen in February 2016. That was like 10 years ago!

I better brush up on basic psychology I miss the PBS YOU channel.

I was thinking about “Jump” by Van Halen because they were singing it in a J-drama I watch. They also sing the “Ghostbusters” song in English kinda. The character just screams the chorus. I could probably sing a lot more of the song than the character could in the show from memory. Lyrically the song does not have that many lyrics. And they are repeated. It could be a good secret hobby song. They like fakeness. “You got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real” I should make a playlist no stereotypical songs either; songs about how I feel. And no songs just because they have the name of the hobby in the title or lyrics.

I’ll use basketball as an example so you scour the internet looking for “basketball songs”. So there are songs like “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow. One of the hobbyists will say they love that song “Basketball Mamma” (which is not a real song I made that up) Then you say something like that song is not really about basketball it’s about killing your mother. Then they say something like I didn’t know I just liked the song because it had “basketball” in the title. They are so silly. ;P

I went to my storage space, and the girl was not there again. She is not there a lot of the time and is gone for a long time.