Here are some random thoughts.

Having a teacher who is 2 years older than me feels kinda weird. I’m not sure why. She likes to play Sublime before class. The rumors are true that Sublime is pretty much played on the radio here in LA 24/7. I realized I got so bored with Sublime. (as I was writing this a Sublime song came on the radio XD) Except “Saw Red” I can never listen to that song enough. Another great Gwen duet.

My math teacher said her favorite number is 47 Weird Al’s is 27. I like 10 because it’s the basis for the metric system which I want America to adopt.

I saw some girl brushing her teeth in the bathroom at school Wednesday and she was really into it. That is a first for me there. O-o

I didn’t mind any continuous labor mixxez on the radio. (I purposely misspelled the word “mixes”) Not that I was particularly searching for any.

I noticed while I was listening to mostly the same old songs they usually play with a few old ones you haven’t heard in a while thrown in. I think radio stations should to this for some kind of long weekend type show. The tag line should be “We haven’t played these songs in years! You probably thought you were listening to the wrong station!”

I can’t seem to remember anything math related it makes me so mad! I should know a little more than I’m recovering and remembering. I’m so frustrated. I don’t wanna get a bad grade and have it bring down my GPA my good grade in speech class brought it up 0.02 points. I know that it not much to some people, but it is to me. I need to bring it up at least .39 points. I wanna bring it up to something that would look good enough to proudly put on a resume.

I was thinking about how not far off I am from when I was 14. Still frustrated by math and like the song “You get What you Give”. Maybe sometimes your younger self helps you understand yourself today. And my 9 year old self is there too telling me to not do my math homework and binge watch old episodes of World. I guess somethings don’t change all that much.