I’m so behind on my blogging this happened on Wednesday.

Before I got to my psych class I was thinking about a bunch of non related school things I had some ideas for parody songs and costumes. I noticed I hate these 2 days a week 2+ hours classes are too long. My psych teacher doesn’t give us a break it’s non stop lecture. At about 1 hour I tune out. There has to be some kind of study done on this? I’d rather have class for more days a week than have longer classes less days a week. Nothing has been so bad as that 3 hour Sociology class I took as a freshman that only met on Fridays.

I didn’t have space in my backpack so I had to leave the book behind. I need the math book to follow along with, and sometimes I like to do math homework in between Psych and math. I looked over at assumption guy, and what do you know? No book. It wasn’t like I didn’t know what was going on. I did read the book over the long weekend sporadically while listening to special Labor Day themed radio programming. I read the whole chapter I was assigned to read.

I thought since the school seems to have thinned out a bit there would be some free counselor appointments. All the appointments they seemed to have were either during class or at some crappy time nobody wanted like 5PM. They are booked solid until the 23rd. >0< What is this school counseling or some type of exclusive club/restaurant?I need to see somebody how else will I know what I need to take? I still don’t know what those classes I took count towards. I still have a feeling it’s journalism.

When I took  my math quiz it was like the episode Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade. When Bart sees all the different things he saw on satellite tv. Except I saw dead game show hosts. Combs, Dawson, Convy, and Tomarken. The white board could have turned into the Bullseye board or something. Even though I had spent the previous day binge watching game shows I still felt that I would do better on this quiz than my last 2 that a cumulative score of 9 points I think? They were really low “F”s none the less. If it would have been a quiz on all those game shows I binge watched I would have gotten a really good grade.

Also for some reason I was thinking about the Mr. Schwemphf skit from World for some reason.

If worse comes to worse I could always drop the math class before Halloween.

When I got home a little before 3PM there was a blackout. I was mad I wanted to watch Super Password. I was gonna come home from a long day at school, sit in air conditioning, relax, and binge watch old game shows. I couldn’t do anything. Not even call to see if there was a counseling appointment available. I was not going to use my cell phone because they make me stay on hold for a long time. Because of the blackout I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was sit in a stuffy apartment and listen to my MP3 player.