I ordered myself a new MP3 player.  They are so hard to find since everybody uses smartphones for music now. But it holds 4 times the capacity of my old one. Too bad I spent some of my hobbyist money on the player; -$70 from that.

I was going through some of the PowerPoint slides the Psych teacher has for download. They remind me of like a horrible blog plastered with pictures and very little text. I hate blogs like that! Ok most of the time unless it’s like a craft blog with craft instructions or something. They look like a teenager wrote them! Really! The graphics are too flashy and hard to read. When I miss the notes I’m gonna have to decipher these things. I hate vague PowerPoint slides! If she is trying to pass herself off as hip and trendy I’m not buying it. Perhaps because she’s 2 years older than me? Maybe to an impressionable 18-21 year old, but not me.

I was trying to remember the last math class I took 9 years ago. All I seem to remember from that class was some bitchy cliqueish girls who would brag about their boyfriends and text all through class, some guy with a funny dolly backpack thing, the teacher’s uncommon name, and his strange sense of humor.

I’ve been thinking about a Halloween costume. I’m thinking about being either something spooky or cutesy. But not both this year. What about an ugly crone witch with wild teased hair?

I noticed quite a few people wearing Guns N’ Roses shirts at school. I wonder if they are fans or this is some kind of trend? I should use my illusion or is it allusion?

She came late which was good and bad. No Beatles though.I sat in a wobbly left handed desk, but I had to switch. She said some people chose projects that were too hard to accomplish during a semester. I thought my secret hobby was like that. It’s something hard to accomplish. There are a lot of little things you have to learn first. But shyness ties in nicely to it, and I really want to change it anyway. By the way she describes herself she seems to come off as an INFP. But she doesn’t seem to act INFP-like in class. She’s too bubbly! I thought that was really funny because she said about being from the same generation, and she wondered if she was. I was laughing so hard. She doesn’t know it, but we are. XD We have to perform in skits next class. Then I was thinking I could use some of the same strategies I used in my speech class. I’m gonna go over my old blogs and stuff to get ideas. I’m not sure if I feel confident enough to talk with a fake accent again. All I might need it is a rough outline of an idea of a skit. She said we get the skit topic at random. As long as I don’t goof off too much over the weekend by watching too much football or old game shows. I know which celebrities she reminds me of! It’s Katy Perry and Leighton Meester. I knew it would come to me eventuality. *smacks forehead*

My math teacher talks politics; honestly that doesn’t belong there. I got another “F” on my quiz; four “F”s is not good. Well I wanna see how I do on the test on Friday. I’m really stressed. It was all math for the whole 2 hours. It was boring and draining. I didn’t want to leave because I’ve been doing so badly in there. If I fail the first 2 tests I’m gonna have to drop the class.

I checked my grade and I got a bad grade on that assignment I half assed after binge watching 7 hours of game shows. But I got a good grade on what I wrote about shyness. Even though I felt what I wrote was just ok. She liked it, so whateves. *shrugs* But now she knows about me and Halloween costumes.