When I went to pick up the player the girl asked for my credit card. i already paid through a different method.

I couldn’t find anything in the mall I wanted to wear. There were these cute Sailor Moon shirts, but they were too small. 😦  I really wish Hot Topic sold Carmen Sandiego shirts. I would totally buy that! And wear the shirt with a stylish fedora. That idea is not bad! I think I’m too old to shop there.

This new MP3 player is different that the old one. Way different! It’s heavier and I can personalize it more. I can add a screen saver, but I’m not sure which picture to use. It has a clock too. Plus after I added all the stuff from my 2 gig player I still have a lot of room. It’s not really 8 gig it’s like 7. something, but still bigger than the last one. I was gonna take it to school with me, but I’m still not sure how to work it. Like usual the ear buds that came with it were too large for my ears.

I tried that crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds. It was good but definitely not worth the price. It reminded me of that other chicken sandwich they had back in 2008. Do they still sell that? The one I ordered was a little burned and needed more mayo.

I’m still stressed out about my math test. X0X X-X