I have a bunch of things to do.

UTB changed their schedule and vaguely hinted at it on their website, but it was hard to understand what they were trying to say. I think they literally translate the Japanese website into English

I have no idea what is on!

I got in trouble for taking a nap. I’m tired from school, and I should have used my better sense not to go to a Dodger game with my dad.

We ran into Rose Bowl traffic for the Bruins game. He got lost going to the stadium.

I thought there would have been more pirate themed things. Especially since the team they were playing were the Pirates and it was talk like a pirate day. They had a trivia game and, my ego was acting up again. I realized that I know a lot of pirate and Dodgers trivia. But I did remember about Don Sutton only because I saw him in a episode of Match Game 78 on Monday.

I was thinking about Peach High School Baseball.

They played some footage of Hello Kitty dancing to disco music. Hello Kitty in a Dodgers uniform.

There wasn’t anything good to eat there, so I settled for a BBQ brisket sandwich. It was good, but spicy. There was a lot of pepper on it and I could see it. Later on during the game it gave me ingestion.

Fred Savage was there to promote his new tv show. Of course they played “With a Little Help From my Friends”. How could you not associate him with that song? I liked that short lived show on NBC he was in; Working.

Scott Leonard ruined the original song for me. Now when I hear it original I want to harmonize.

I took a picture of this peculiar Dodger Dog.

I went looking all around for a Hello Kitty Dodgers shirt, but almost all the Hello Kitty merchandise they had was plush.

I had a pretzel during the 8th inning. It was soft and buttery. I drank a bunch of cola to stay awake.

The whole thing was pretty much a disaster like I predicted.

He can take my “cool” cousin all he wants because my dad keeps losing the car at events. We were walking around the parking lot looking for the car for about a half hour. That was the last straw! My “cool” cousin so much better than me. He listens to cool music, likes the coolest sports teams, and drives the coolest vehicles. He is a lot more like my dad than I am; which in turn makes him cooler.