I did mange to do the homework while trying to read the book while watching Best Time Ever and finish it up on Sunday after the Emmys while watching the Sunday Night game.

So we had to perform skit that were based on what we read in the book. We had to do a skit about celebrities which I hoped we would get since I had to do something like that last semester. The guy picked the sports star. I can handle the big 4; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. He wanted to do a soccer skit I know nothing about that. He picked the celebrity he wanted to be in the skit. He wanted to be Reggie Bush.

I would have had more time to write a skit outline at home if I hadn’t wasted all that time at the Dodger game. My notes were “Reggie Bush, NFL Today”

I don’t know why, but when I said “Welcome to the NFL Today!” Everybody laughed. The guy was really hamming it up. Strangely enough I was not too scared while performing.

Which by the way in case you didn’t know that is a real program.

I should have mentioned “Dan”. Dan who? Fouts? Throw in a Charger reference. Didn’t he used to do Monday Night Football commentary?


What a bad album. Please don’t remind me.

Although my mom agrees that the class title of “College Algebra” is deceitful if it is pre-calculus. I’m not sure how to break the news to my dad once I’ve dropped it.