In psych class  I have to partner up with another person. I don’t know what their problem is in relation to the assignment. I think it is some emotional thing. She tried to pair up people with similar problems. I didn’t feel like talking to the teacher, but she didn’t grade my work. When I left I was thinking about the song “Kingdom of Shy”.

The good thing was that I finally got an appointment with the counselor. After all this time. I need to know about my major and if I really need to take poli sci. I noticed on the form they gave me it said it was recommended and not needed.

I got my test back and it was really bad like I predicted. It was a low “F” although I did get an “A” on the homework. I told myself “This is probably one of the only ‘A’s you’ll see in here”.

I essentially knew I was going to leave the bad test grade was the clincher. I purposely did not bring the book, and pretended to take notes in class. I was really just doodling. I imagined myself looking like a “bad student” from some kind of movie wearing something studded and made of leather and maybe some wild hair or earrings. When she gave us a break I packed up my stuff and left when she wasn’t looking.

My mom told me not to drop anymore classes. All I have left is Psych now. So it’s like last semester when I ended up with one class. I’m still kinda upset I used my “good judgement” (which is pretty questionable now) and try to stick with math. Because I knew that class would have been a lot more fun and given me a lot of cred.

As of posting I dropped math.

Now I gotta pretend to go to math for about 3 months to my dad. Part of me really wants to look for a fellow hobbyist so I can apprentice with them or something and get some real cred.