I was watching the least week of decade week of The Price is Right. It cut off to show speech about John Boehner leaving congress. Then I screamed at the tv. Did I mention I did that during the Challenger explosion and when former President Ford died. I was old when Ford died.

That vending machine game on the Price is Right is ok. I don’t know I’m not used to it yet. I did like that they used the old sound effect from Penny Ante. I was thinking about when I hard the same sound in the Trebek version of Double from 1976.

I’m so ready to contact somebody from the hobby to apprentice with because I need all the help I can get. Psych is an ok class, but I think I’m not doing too well in there. I’m pretty much done with school. That’s why I was trying to take a lot of classes so I can finish really really fast. I want to finish and then everybody will stop bothering me! And my mom will really have something to brag about.

I think I’ll tell my dad around Halloween about math and act like I want to salvage my GPA which I really do. That the class was too hard, and I had to drop it. I’ll just pretend it’s the first class I ever dropped in my college career. But it was Poli Sci. Plus I really think I have a learning disability related to math. I’m gonna see if I can get diagnosed or something. I don’t know why he brags about taking math as an elective when he was in college since he got a “D” in it.

I think my Halloween plans are pretty much down the toilet. ūüė¶