I was really tired I stayed up late working on my psych assignment. I had all weekend to work on it, and I didn’t go to a baseball game this weekend or anything like that. I was up until a little past 2:30 AM working on it. I felt I did better on this assignment. Than my last one like this. Out of the 4 assignments I turned in and got graded I got 3 “F”s and 1 “A”. What I turned in was I hope “C” or “D” caliber work. I was pretty tired all morning. I even drank a cola with my breakfast.

It was strange the teacher and I both had problems getting there. I was almost marked absent in class because I was thinking about football.

She told us we had to do a presentation for the class. We had to make a poster, and she told us that they would be graded on creativity. She said we could sing a song. I really wanted to sing “Kingdom of Shy” in class, but would anybody else know that song? After I had speech class things like this don’t bother me as much. It was like when we had to give our impromptu speech. I wasn’t sweating it too much because I had read the whole chapter in the book. I’m not sure about the rest of my group members.

I was gonna help with drawing but somebody else got that. The only thing I said was that I did not want to write on the poster because I write illegibly. Again I was not speaking up. I was demonstrating my problem right there in front of the others while we were doing the assignment. (perhaps I should write about that to the teacher?) I was looking at what they were drawing I thought they were drawing eyes like this XoX But they were like star eyes. Well I can’t complain since I didn’t draw it. I just wanted to draw cutsey things on it. (my addiction to all things cutesy and kawaii was coming out, but I didn’t mention about wanting to draw something cute.) Honestly I think our poster wasn’t very creative.

That annoying guy in my group is like Kramer from Seinfeld.

I noticed she is really behind in her lecturing.