Slow Math — September 15, 2015

Slow Math

It seems like it takes me forever to do math problems. That is one of the things that really frustrates me about math. And if I need to drop it I will. If I fail the first 2 tests that is a sign I need to leave. I don’t care what my parents say. Doing math eats up a lot of my time. I keep thinking to myself “Why am I taking math? I hate it! I could be learning some important hobbyist thing right now instead.” I had the same problem with political science.

Plus I have to read 2 chapters for my psych class.

I saw that show Best Time Ever and I don’t know I kinda don’t like it. It’s all over the place.

Do you have any Rockapella? —

Do you have any Rockapella?

Mister Ed got moved to 4AM in my time zone so I guess I will have to watch Match Game while I eat breakfast.

When I came in she was blasting The Beatles. They were going crazy for the Beatles. Too bad she didn’t play “Piggies”. I was thinking “Do you have any Rockapella?”.

Somebody else brought up football. I was thinking “Suck up!” I did watch a little of the Chargers game. I checked on it because my dad was hogging the computer. Plus I get bored with math homework quickly. She asked about the Monday night game. I pointed out there were 2 games being played. All I could think about was that stupid parrot.

She was talking about being a hippie. I could kinda smell that on her. Even though this class is supposed to teach you to be open minded and all that stuff. Sometimes you can just smell stuff. Like me with bad sales people.

I wanted to time myself and see how easily I would get bored. The class is long. 85 minutes long. Last class I calculated being bored at about 1 hour into it, so about half would be somewhere at about 43 minutes. That secret elective I signed up for was 3 hours and 10 minutes long. The math class I take is a little over 2 hours. Mentally I was totally not there today. I was thinking about pretty much anything else. We had to do group work again I hate group work! Really! It’s not cute and fun like on Community. I should have suggested we named the group “Jeff Winger”

When I got home I was thinking about critical thinking and not guessing about things. I was watching Card Sharks then I was thinking about game shows in general. It takes the fun out of watching game shows. What a buzz kill! Really!

I still like I’m not doing enough, and try to get all the proper hobbyist accruements. I still feel I’m doing it “wrong” for some reason.  I played powerball and my mom asked what I would do with the money. I want a special vacation aka going to a hobbyist education program. Plus those are only held at a certain time during they are only held once a year. I can visit NYC, Boston, or Philly any old time.

It was bothering my which celerity my teacher reminded me of. It’s Katy Perry she totally reminds me of Katy Perry. I want to tell her that but I’m too embarrassed. *U.U*

An Avian Replacement — September 14, 2015

An Avian Replacement

I just really wanted some Rocakpella CDs. I got a copy of “Vocobeat” and “To NY” I sort of splurged on them. I think they will come in about a month. Now I have to wait. They are coming from Japan or so they say. Amazon is a great place to order stuff like this and not cheaply made hobbyist items no matter what anybody says. XD

I bought an item for my secret hobby. It was something I really needed to feel more real. (I did not buy it from amazon)The real killer was that the item I bought cost less than shipping it which cost more than the item. Well if my nosy parents ask I’ll say it’s for Halloween.

I think I’m more proficient with French than with advanced math. Boy was that a killer when I was taking both in high school. I looked at the book and catalog they are both grossly mislabeled. They both say “College Algebra”. College Algebra my ass!

I submitted my work for my Psych class right before the Chargers game started she’s not gonna check the site. I’ll check an hour after the game ended. Still hasn’t graded it when I checked after the Sunday night game, but she still hadn’t graded anything.

They replaced the Wilbur pig on The Challenge which is a local show about football that comes on after the Sunday night game with a parrot. The parrot is so dumb! It looks so fake! It looks like looping footage of a red macaw and they put it behind a cheesy background of the LA River.


An Old Nemesis Returns — September 12, 2015

An Old Nemesis Returns

I’m still a little behind on blogging this happened yesterday.

Game show fun fact Edd Kalehoff wrote the theme songs for both Double Dare game shows the 1976 and 1986 one which are unrelated.

I finally picked the topic for my psych project I think I’m going with shyness. The problem is that I’m having a hard time writing about myself. All it feels like to me is regurgitated blog material. I took notes when I was reading the book about thinking about choosing my topic. Perhaps I just need to free write and then make sense of my work. I came up with a great theme song for the project though. It was right there the Rockapella song “Kingdom of Shy”.

I got my math quiz back and I got a 34 a much better grade than the last 2 with the cumulative point value of 9, but 34  is still an “F”.  I had to take another quiz, but this time I didn’t think about dead game show hosts.

I got a startling revelation in math class the teacher told us this class is pre-calculus. I think when she said that I got a distraught look on my face.

Pre-calculus what!? @o@ X-X >o<

My enemy. The reason I almost didn’t graduate high school. The only class I failed in high school twice and the only class I failed in high school ever! My old nemesis returns!

On Thursday I trimmed down my game show binge watching to 4 hours and on Friday it was 3 hours.

Bad Students Don’t Bring Their Books, They Fantasize About Game Shows — September 11, 2015

Bad Students Don’t Bring Their Books, They Fantasize About Game Shows

I’m so behind on my blogging this happened on Wednesday.

Before I got to my psych class I was thinking about a bunch of non related school things I had some ideas for parody songs and costumes. I noticed I hate these 2 days a week 2+ hours classes are too long. My psych teacher doesn’t give us a break it’s non stop lecture. At about 1 hour I tune out. There has to be some kind of study done on this? I’d rather have class for more days a week than have longer classes less days a week. Nothing has been so bad as that 3 hour Sociology class I took as a freshman that only met on Fridays.

I didn’t have space in my backpack so I had to leave the book behind. I need the math book to follow along with, and sometimes I like to do math homework in between Psych and math. I looked over at assumption guy, and what do you know? No book. It wasn’t like I didn’t know what was going on. I did read the book over the long weekend sporadically while listening to special Labor Day themed radio programming. I read the whole chapter I was assigned to read.

I thought since the school seems to have thinned out a bit there would be some free counselor appointments. All the appointments they seemed to have were either during class or at some crappy time nobody wanted like 5PM. They are booked solid until the 23rd. >0< What is this school counseling or some type of exclusive club/restaurant?I need to see somebody how else will I know what I need to take? I still don’t know what those classes I took count towards. I still have a feeling it’s journalism.

When I took  my math quiz it was like the episode Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade. When Bart sees all the different things he saw on satellite tv. Except I saw dead game show hosts. Combs, Dawson, Convy, and Tomarken. The white board could have turned into the Bullseye board or something. Even though I had spent the previous day binge watching game shows I still felt that I would do better on this quiz than my last 2 that a cumulative score of 9 points I think? They were really low “F”s none the less. If it would have been a quiz on all those game shows I binge watched I would have gotten a really good grade.

Also for some reason I was thinking about the Mr. Schwemphf skit from World for some reason.

If worse comes to worse I could always drop the math class before Halloween.

When I got home a little before 3PM there was a blackout. I was mad I wanted to watch Super Password. I was gonna come home from a long day at school, sit in air conditioning, relax, and binge watch old game shows. I couldn’t do anything. Not even call to see if there was a counseling appointment available. I was not going to use my cell phone because they make me stay on hold for a long time. Because of the blackout I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was sit in a stuffy apartment and listen to my MP3 player.

7 Hours of Game Shows — September 10, 2015

7 Hours of Game Shows

On Tuesday I watched 7 hours of game shows. No joking. I watched 3 hours of Family Feud 1 hour Dawson version and 2 hours Combs version, 1 hour of Press Your Luck, 1 hour of Super Password,the failed pilots TKO and On a Roll and ended the night with Hollywood Game Night.

I could have used that time doing something productive like working on my Psych paper that I half assed or studying math. Too bad I’m not taking a college class on game shows. 😦

Continuous Labor Mixxez — September 7, 2015

Continuous Labor Mixxez

Here are some random thoughts.

Having a teacher who is 2 years older than me feels kinda weird. I’m not sure why. She likes to play Sublime before class. The rumors are true that Sublime is pretty much played on the radio here in LA 24/7. I realized I got so bored with Sublime. (as I was writing this a Sublime song came on the radio XD) Except “Saw Red” I can never listen to that song enough. Another great Gwen duet.

My math teacher said her favorite number is 47 Weird Al’s is 27. I like 10 because it’s the basis for the metric system which I want America to adopt.

I saw some girl brushing her teeth in the bathroom at school Wednesday and she was really into it. That is a first for me there. O-o

I didn’t mind any continuous labor mixxez on the radio. (I purposely misspelled the word “mixes”) Not that I was particularly searching for any.

I noticed while I was listening to mostly the same old songs they usually play with a few old ones you haven’t heard in a while thrown in. I think radio stations should to this for some kind of long weekend type show. The tag line should be “We haven’t played these songs in years! You probably thought you were listening to the wrong station!”

I can’t seem to remember anything math related it makes me so mad! I should know a little more than I’m recovering and remembering. I’m so frustrated. I don’t wanna get a bad grade and have it bring down my GPA my good grade in speech class brought it up 0.02 points. I know that it not much to some people, but it is to me. I need to bring it up at least .39 points. I wanna bring it up to something that would look good enough to proudly put on a resume.

I was thinking about how not far off I am from when I was 14. Still frustrated by math and like the song “You get What you Give”. Maybe sometimes your younger self helps you understand yourself today. And my 9 year old self is there too telling me to not do my math homework and binge watch old episodes of World. I guess somethings don’t change all that much.

Don’t Lose Your Peaches — September 4, 2015

Don’t Lose Your Peaches

On the ride to school I heard 2 songs that Weird Al parodied. “Jeopardy” and “Zoot Suit Riot”.

At school I think I stepped in gum or something. I went to the tutoring place, but I just looked over my homework for about 20 minutes or so. I heard my math teacher so I knew she was there. I didn’t ask for any help because I realized I had done all the problems wrong. Not a single one right! At least for the last assignment I did 3 of the 30 problems right. Which is not a good ratio. 😦

Yeah I got an F. I was kinda thinking it would happen. I tried to study, but I’m still not sure about what I’m doing. I had to take another quiz today. I hope I did better, but I’m not sure. Some of the stuff it is review, but harder. You have a lot of square roots. She said most people do bad on the first quiz and not to worry. Does she know who she is talking to!? Anyway I told myself that about Poli Sci and remember what happened to that? Well there is always statics if I can’t seem to pass this class. At the end of the quiz she says about humming the jeopardy music, but never does. I play the wagering music from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? in my head instead.

Then my phone went off in class. I was embarrassed. Why does the pharmacy keep calling me?

I got some ideas for more songs for my playlist. “Lose Yourself” by Enimen, “Under Construction” by No Doubt, and “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals.

I have to offset the math with some geography by binge watching some episodes of World.

I was singing “Peaches” by the Presidents of the USA and annoying my mom. I couldn’t believe how much of this song I remembered from memory. Since I don’t listen to it that often. I remember when that song came out my mom said it was a stupid song. “Lump” was more popular at my junior high.

Posing as a Club — September 3, 2015

Posing as a Club

After I was thinking of “Jump” by Van Halen I was thinking about making the playlist besides “Jump” what other songs could I add? I thought I should look through my previous posts to see what I wrote.

Run Baby Run” by Garbage,  “Nothing to Prove” by Jeffries Fan Club, “Blue in the Face” by No Doubt, “Trip my Wire” by Garbage, “Subhuman” by Garbage, “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000, “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish, “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies, “Right Between the Eyes” by Garbage, “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani,

I know the list is pretty Garbage heavy right now. I just need to find more songs. There are few songs I’m thinking about and some on this list I can take or leave.

I went back to using my regular backpack not the wheeled one. Using that one and dragging it around campus hurt my arms. The problem is I can’t find a good packing configuration for my regular one. I was almost late for the bus. It seems to be thinning out and I got a good seat on it. When I got there I almost got hit by a car in the parking lot. I was hoping it would thin out by now. I still got a rock in my shoe! I did get to class on time though. I got some other assignment I’m not really sure how to do it. I brought that up to her so if the website goes down we’re pretty much screwed. She was talking about bad psychiatrists. Why are the bad ones always so noticeable? Just like the hobbyists.

I just followed the loud music that is how you pretty much find campus events at the school. There were no clubs I really seemed interested in. There really didn’t seem to be anything new or anything good to eat to get people to listen to their spiel. I noticed that campus events seem to cater to the Tuesday/Thursday students. The radio station is trying to pose as a club again. Why can’t they admit they are not a club and just promoting that major?

The math tutors are all snippy. I’m new here I have no idea how anything works. I mean to the math classes. I noticed I saw a guy that looked like Mike Trout there. I need a lot of hand holding with math. I’m 9 years removed and pretty rusty. I was so engrossed in studying I got there late, but was in time to take the quiz and to me it was hard. All I gotta do is pass the class with a C. Then I thought “When I go back to the university do I have to take math as a junior?” (my major is not related to math)


You got to Roll With the Punches to get to What’s Real — September 2, 2015

You got to Roll With the Punches to get to What’s Real

The school website still isn’t working. How am I or the other people in my class going to be able to finish? I would assume she is aware of it now. I’m so frustrated with my work. The teacher said it would be private and different. It’s like I’m reading a bad message board. Really! They are too slow! I could have done this yesterday! Plus I can’t think of anything good to write. I wrote something. *shrugs* Eh. I just hope the group did the assignment right. I don’t have time to be on the website right before class trying to finish my work. I like to be the wildcard of the group. In that sometimes I’m studious and neurotic. And sometimes I’m apathetic and lazy. It depends on the assignment, the people, the class, how I feel and other stuff like that. I think I found the Britta of my group.

My dad was bragging about how he got an A in psychology (in the 1970s) Does he even know if I’m taking the same course he did? I think there are 8-10 different psychology classes at the school.

Then I realized the last time I took 4 classes was when Super Bowl XL (40) was held and 50 is going to happen in February 2016. That was like 10 years ago!

I better brush up on basic psychology I miss the PBS YOU channel.

I was thinking about “Jump” by Van Halen because they were singing it in a J-drama I watch. They also sing the “Ghostbusters” song in English kinda. The character just screams the chorus. I could probably sing a lot more of the song than the character could in the show from memory. Lyrically the song does not have that many lyrics. And they are repeated. It could be a good secret hobby song. They like fakeness. “You got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real” I should make a playlist no stereotypical songs either; songs about how I feel. And no songs just because they have the name of the hobby in the title or lyrics.

I’ll use basketball as an example so you scour the internet looking for “basketball songs”. So there are songs like “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow. One of the hobbyists will say they love that song “Basketball Mamma” (which is not a real song I made that up) Then you say something like that song is not really about basketball it’s about killing your mother. Then they say something like I didn’t know I just liked the song because it had “basketball” in the title. They are so silly. ;P

I went to my storage space, and the girl was not there again. She is not there a lot of the time and is gone for a long time.