Halloween Block — October 31, 2015

Halloween Block

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my psych assignment. It’s not very long, but very hard. I can’t think of anything good to write about. I think it’s sort of funny when I have a hard time writing about myself because that is like my favorite topic! J/K ;P

I’ve been having some writers block about other things I’m trying to write.

I was thinking about my secret hobby. There is way too much drama going on and if I leave well it just might be good for me. I bet I could do well on my own or find a local mentor. That’s what I really need a local mentor. Preferably a lady. I just have to keep telling myself to look for that after the semester.

I didn’t get to do anything worthwhile for Halloween the year I’m disappointed, sad, upset. It sounds like Lady Redundant Woman wrote that.

Too bad I didn’t get my sports coat for my Acme Agent costume. I had seen one at the thrift store but it was way too small. When I find the right coat I’ll know when I see it. I’m not sure if I want a fedora or not they are kinda hipster-ish now.

Do you have any Pepsi? —

Do you have any Pepsi?

“Sometimes I try to do things and it just doesn’t work out the way I wanted too
And I get real frustrated, and its like
And I try hard to do it and take my time
And it just doesn’t work out the way I want it too
It’s like I concentrate on it real hard but it just doesn’t work out
And everything I do and everything I try, it never turns out
It’s like I need time to figure these things out”

I was sitting there thinking really hard about the conformist hobbyists. And for some reason it made me think of that song “Institutionalized”. I love that song! Somebody should really get Mike a Pepsi.

We’ll talk about a hypothetical hobbyist person let’s call her Alice. Alice was discriminated against for being a nonconformist in the hobby. My new approach is “conform somewhat or die”. I’m gonna play by their rules somewhat either that or my “stubbornness”will be pounded out of me or I’ll leave. There is pretty much only 1 of 3 out comes.

They live by a few schools thought ethnocentric, absolutism and mindless conformity. Plus since the hobby is used a lot in Christan religion although it is not specifically there is just a whole lot of cattiness, drama, and accusation. And they wonder why people are turned off by this hobby? Not to mention they are not a very inviting crowd. The pretend to be, but they are really not their true colors show after a while. It’s all a big facade.

Then like a week later I read this blog by an esteemed elder in the field. The strange thing about this particular entry was that the story was about Alice’s dilemma. Even thought her name was not used specifically you could put 2 and 2 together and figure out who this entry was talking about. In all seriousness don’t mess with that esteemed elder.

Variation on an old Theme — October 30, 2015

Variation on an old Theme

Yesterday at the store I saw some really cute pajamas with a rabbit on them. I love rabbits I don’t know why really I think they could possibly be my spirit animal. Of course they would not dethrone dogs especially pug dogs. I’m even going to use them as inspiration for my secret hobby. Don’t worry no live animals will be used. More like a rabbit theme.

I have to say the Halloween themed The Price is Right episode was very lackluster this year. It was very similar to the 2010 April Fool’s episode where all the contestants were renamed “Drew”. I don’t know it seems like they are reaching for ideas again. It was so boring I fell asleep watching it.

My mom made popcorn balls. She hasn’t made those in years like since the 80s. It’s been that long. Yay! Halloween treats!

I thought this picture was really funny. It’s from the season 1 “World” episode “The Return of Dracula’s Castle” I think season 1 toyed around with holiday themed episodes by not explicitly being one. There is another season 1 episode where the North Pole is stolen.  (I had screen capped this pic for some other use and found it in my computer)

Talking about Halloween — October 29, 2015

Talking about Halloween

I was playing “Won’t be Long” in the car and my mom heard “Let’s sink this city to the ground”. She’s so funny when she mishears Rockapella lyrics. Then I was trying to explain to her that the song is a cover of a Japanese language song that got translated into English.

I got some more blind bags, but I’ll open those later. So they are not in this entry.

I don’t understand why people say INFPs hate Halloween. Or shy people. I do understand when they say about shy people wanting to cover their face when they dress up in a costume. I like to do that too. They also say they don’t like to talk even in costume. I do want to talk; just not as “myself”. Except if I wanted to be scary silent. But I usually can’t keep that up for very long. I think INFPs they would be more likely to believe in the Great Pumpkin.

My mom said that I never really fussed about dressing up on Halloween. After I really thought about it I always liked costumes and dress up. I think that is because of some deep rooted self esteem issues too there. It’s just harder to get away with playing dressup as you get older unless you have a job that encourages it like an actor.

I still feel there is a very dormant Genki Girl inside me, and Halloween is usually one of the few times she gets to come out and play.


Another One Rides the Bus — October 28, 2015

Another One Rides the Bus

So the bus to school was late and filled with at least 15 mommies and their babies. There was no room for anybody else. Then there was a chain of fussy babies. One would fuss and then the others. The bus was about a half hour late when it got to the school. I practically had to run over to class. I was tired that bus trip was exhausting. Well just my luck this is one of the few days the teacher gets there early.

I loathe group work! I think it’s really stupid. I wouldn’t tell that to the teacher’s face. I’d rather just sit through a lecture. At least I can doodle or write about random thoughts I have. With my group they all fight to get the best things to talk about and I most always get the scraps. So I thought why put a lot of effort into it? They gave me the crappy part. I’m just gonna half ass it! The only fun part I had was drawing the anime expressions on the cartoon we drew. Plus they can never agree on what to do so they waste a lot of time.

The bus ride home was worse! It was the same thing all over again. This was a different group of mommies and babies. I got stuck next to a screaming baby let’s just say Blur songs don’t drown out baby screams. There were so many people on the bus the driver had to turn people away. When I came home my back hurt from all the contorting I had to do in the bus.

Nostalgic shirts and 5 Hours of Baseball — October 27, 2015

Nostalgic shirts and 5 Hours of Baseball

I found a reproduction Hip Hop Looney Tunes shirt at the store. (Did those have an official name) I got a Kris Kross style one this was the first design released back in the 90s. I had to buy it! The nostalgia was kicking in. Actually that was the only design they had for sale. This is not the shirt I got. This is a picture I got off the internet, but still. (When I wear this to school people will wonder how old I really am) @o@

I used to have one in the 90s with them in a Jeep. There is a funny picture of Chicken Hawk on the back of the Jeep shirt. Back when I was lanky. I was an early bloomer, but I was still pretty skinny.

While I hop on my neon bike while listening to some rap music on one those radio headphone things. I gotta get back by 4:30 PM to watch Carmen Sandiego and then Power Rangers at 5PM or did Power Rangers come at 2PM back then? If nothing interesting is happening with the kids playing on the street. I’ll go home and play with my Barbies or my trolls. I’m having Gobble Stix as a snack.

To balance it out with something more modern I bought a Shopkins blind bag.

It didn’t photograph well, but I got a gingerbread house.

I’m very neurotic about turning in my homework in advance when I can sometimes. It depends on the assignment. So I had to check in with my partner. While we send very awkward text messages to each other. But I wanted to get this out of the way now. It was the last thing I needed to do before I could turn the assignment in. I don’t really like having a partner. I feel I could do the work so much quicker by myself. I mean that I have nothing against my partner or anything.

This is a very interesting game 1 of the World Series. The Fox feed cut off. At first I thought it was my dad muting the tv because he saw another annoying commercial or that he got bored with the game and turned off the tv. (the teams are not anybody he particularly wants to see) I’m still hoping for a free AM Crunchwrap. When was the last time Taco Bell had a promotion like this? I remember getting a free Doritos Taco a few years ago. I was trying to remember the last time the Mets were in the World series because I know I was in high school. I looked it up it was the 2000 series. I realized I watched about 5 hours of baseball intermittently.

Rock and Roll Monday —

Rock and Roll Monday

Now it almost feels like fall. My allergies are acting up. But it’s still not cold enough. I could still wear shorts if I really wanted to. On the bus ride to school I was really rocking out to “Won’t be Long” I noticed I was tapping my foot to the song in the bus. I was upset because I thought we might have to do group work.

I wasn’t paying attention in class again and I almost got marked absent again. @o@ The teacher was saying about Monday and I was thinking about Garfield.

So we watched a clip from Discovering Psychology. I know who Zimbardo is because of the show. I may have watched that program more than a few times. I mentioned this show before. Plus I realized I learned a lot of stuff from watching tv.

After I thought about it I know some of the reasons I hate group work. My group has to sit in the back of the class. I really can’t see anything from back there. Then I remembered I hate group work in general. It sucks ass. Although sitting in the back of the room while she gave a lecture made me feel like a bad student. All I needed was some spiky jewelry. I wasn’t paying attention anyway I was thinking more songs to add to my MP3 player. What about some Esthero?

I’m upset because I was hoping to get a fun Halloween themed assignment. 😦

But the teacher is still behind on her lecturing, and I hope that doesn’t mean she’s gonna pile on the homework as the semester draws to a close.


Really Old Songs — October 26, 2015

Really Old Songs

Wow! it’s been 20 years since “World” ended and next year is the 25th anniversary of the show premiering. Makes sense it ran for 5 years. I was thinking about all the comments people left for their “World” line up El Chapo video. I’m not going to lie that line up of Scott, Sean, Elliott, Barry and Jeff was the best in my opinion. Plus it was the line up you saw on the tv show.

My dad thought “South Side” was a new song. Because he heard on satellite radio something about watching the music video. That song came out like 15 years ago.  When I told him that it made me feel really really old. I was thinking about that song after I wrote about the Gwen Stefani Halloween costume I made in 2000. When I thought about that I felt really old.

My dad just loves the satellite radio in the car. It was cool at first until I realized they play the same songs too. The songs are just lesser heard and deeper cuts. Surprisingly no vocal music station. 😦 The thing I don’t like is that they too play the same songs over and over at the same time too. I like the MP3 player plug in thing so I can annoy my mom with “Indiana”.

Then I had a silly thought since I wrote so much about Rockapella songs for my shyness project the teacher would write back. “Stop writing about Rockapella songs!”But her instructions were to write about when you hear a song and how it makes you feel. This really happened to be before I accidentally wrote a book for English class about my No Doubt fandom. That was result of unfortunate timing.

ACME Crossover Fan Art Net (MLP FIM edition) — October 24, 2015

ACME Crossover Fan Art Net (MLP FIM edition)

I realized I posted this blog without any explanation really. I didn’t make these pony costumes for no reason they were for a contest I entered. The costumes could be of anything not just things from old tv shows or things like that.

A Greg pony and a Chief pony go together like Plastic Diver Guy and the ominous music.

This is a Greg pony costume. I made it on a whim when I was bored one day in 2014. After I made it I said “and that is not bad!” ok not really. I don’t really say that. Honestly I think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself and not to brag.

See? He is standing on a map. My only real regret would be that I didn’t have any neon or dark blue tape to use to make the coat. That checkered tape reminds me of the tie he used to wear in season 3. I know I could have made a green or red coat like he wore in season 1. But when I think of Greg hosting the show I usually picture him wearing a blue coat.

Why did I use Big Mac? Because it was the only male pony of any generation I had at the time.

I got inspired by this picture I saw on deviantart.


I thought a blind bag size Mrs. Cake mold pony would work nicely. It already has earrings. This pony was mentioned in my Christmas 2014 loot blog entry. I used Big Wig.


Making the Chief was a little harder. There were more intricacies in constructing the costume. Plus I wanted to use the pony itself to play off the costume.

I decided to make her wear her iconic red and yellow jacket. I know she sometimes wore a green and yellow one in season 1, but for the majority of the series she wore red and yellow. I made the Chief costume in a rush so I think it didn’t come out as well as the Greg one. Plus she was hard to photograph due to her color scheme also being yellow and red.

Successful Quitters — October 23, 2015

Successful Quitters

I realized all that recording I did for my project would be useful for my writing. I got like pages and pages of stuff.

I realized that my dad wanting me to stay in the math class made me so mad because some of the most successful people I knew personally not like celebrities. Are quitters. They know their limits. I think sometimes quitting can lead to success. Even if my dad doesn’t think so. Him and his pipe dreams. Which is funny since he accuses me of being the stupid, childish, and whimsical one. Sure I love my anime and stuff like that, but I usually know when to quit. I guess I’m a little upset too because it is bring back shades of a bossy hobbyist too.

People who get mad at me for quitting gets me so mad! It’s probably one of my berserk buttons.

When I told my dad I dropped the class he was ok with it. Who are you and what have you done with my father? I’m suspicious he doesn’t let me give up like this. :/ Or perhaps its because he’s sick with the flu or something. I should just take it.