There was a guy in the bus with breakfast burrito and it was smelly. I was sitting in the seat behind that guy I was looking at him browsing through his phone. Then I saw a picture of him in the phone holding the burrito! XD He was posed all distinguished too. It was so funny! I was playing with my new MP3 player. It has a clock in it! I’ve been thinking about what kind of songs I want to add to the player maybe some Katalina or some TLC.

I noticed in Fresh off the Boat Eddie was listening to the “new” Boyz II Men CD, but he is listening to “Cooleyhighharmony” and not “II” which was so big back in ’95. I know I have a copy of it. I mean “II”. I used to blast “Thank You” in my bedroom.

In psych class the teacher keeps coming to class late. I had a lot of rocks in my shoes. They were really painful. We played this game in class that was like concentration or maybe the picture guessing game from Think Fast. I was upset I wanted to burp an uncle or throw paint balloons at the teacher. My mind was wandering and I was thinking about old game shows. Anyway I didn’t even recognize the picture of the thing anyway. I wasn’t feeling like I was on my game today anyway I didn’t even read that chapter of the book. I was a bad student. XD I’ll read it over the weekend or something.We had to do group work again. I only volunteered to be the group leader because nobody else wanted to do it. Honestly I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

My Rockapella CDs from Japan finally came! Yay! I checked my grade for that assignment that I had stayed up late in the morning working on. I got an “A” on it. I didn’t expect that. It was a good surprise. The “Vocobeat” case is kinda messed up. I still haven’t looked at the booklets yet. But the CDs play well. (New to me Rockapella CDs and an A on my assignment)

I still have no idea what to do. So I blew off the assignment for now and listened to my Rockapella CDs.