I stayed up late working on my shyness project. I didn’t really think about this until I was listening to “Bodyboard” and craving some candy. And because I realized that I only had about 9 hours to complete my project. Then I remembered this girl who used to cram a lot. http://pikapal91746.livejournal.com/178394.html 

When it was almost 1:30AM and I finally finished. I needed some sleep! >o< UoU It says I submitted it 8 hours early. Phew!

My dad was sick today and luckily today is not the day I pretend to go to math class.

Well if I have to I will totally pretend to go to math class. How much longer do I have to fake it? Maybe I will tell him I dropped it this Friday or on the 28th. This really has got to stop!

I was thinking about those 17 inch tall Monster High dolls and then I remembered they reminded me of something Mattel did a while ago. An 18 inch Barbie doll in the 1970s. Well there was also the Tiffany Taylor doll who was made by Ideal that was 19 inches tall. Speaking of dolls I want an Ever After High Doll or another Monster High doll, but I want a short one. I already have Howleen.

I had this really strange dream I tried to sneak back into class and the only way I would succeed would be to learn math “shortcuts”.

I was thinking about have you ever just kept doing something just out of habit, but really didn’t like it. And it wasn’t anything important like a job or something like that.