I realized all that recording I did for my project would be useful for my writing. I got like pages and pages of stuff.

I realized that my dad wanting me to stay in the math class made me so mad because some of the most successful people I knew personally not like celebrities. Are quitters. They know their limits. I think sometimes quitting can lead to success. Even if my dad doesn’t think so. Him and his pipe dreams. Which is funny since he accuses me of being the stupid, childish, and whimsical one. Sure I love my anime and stuff like that, but I usually know when to quit. I guess I’m a little upset too because it is bring back shades of a bossy hobbyist too.

People who get mad at me for quitting gets me so mad! It’s probably one of my berserk buttons.

When I told my dad I dropped the class he was ok with it. Who are you and what have you done with my father? I’m suspicious he doesn’t let me give up like this. :/ Or perhaps its because he’s sick with the flu or something. I should just take it.