I realized I posted this blog without any explanation really. I didn’t make these pony costumes for no reason they were for a contest I entered. The costumes could be of anything not just things from old tv shows or things like that.

A Greg pony and a Chief pony go together like Plastic Diver Guy and the ominous music.

This is a Greg pony costume. I made it on a whim when I was bored one day in 2014. After I made it I said “and that is not bad!” ok not really. I don’t really say that. Honestly I think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself and not to brag.

See? He is standing on a map. My only real regret would be that I didn’t have any neon or dark blue tape to use to make the coat. That checkered tape reminds me of the tie he used to wear in season 3. I know I could have made a green or red coat like he wore in season 1. But when I think of Greg hosting the show I usually picture him wearing a blue coat.

Why did I use Big Mac? Because it was the only male pony of any generation I had at the time.

I got inspired by this picture I saw on deviantart.


I thought a blind bag size Mrs. Cake mold pony would work nicely. It already has earrings. This pony was mentioned in my Christmas 2014 loot blog entry. I used Big Wig.


Making the Chief was a little harder. There were more intricacies in constructing the costume. Plus I wanted to use the pony itself to play off the costume.

I decided to make her wear her iconic red and yellow jacket. I know she sometimes wore a green and yellow one in season 1, but for the majority of the series she wore red and yellow. I made the Chief costume in a rush so I think it didn’t come out as well as the Greg one. Plus she was hard to photograph due to her color scheme also being yellow and red.