Wow! it’s been 20 years since “World” ended and next year is the 25th anniversary of the show premiering. Makes sense it ran for 5 years. I was thinking about all the comments people left for their “World” line up El Chapo video. I’m not going to lie that line up of Scott, Sean, Elliott, Barry and Jeff was the best in my opinion. Plus it was the line up you saw on the tv show.

My dad thought “South Side” was a new song. Because he heard on satellite radio something about watching the music video. That song came out like 15 years ago.  When I told him that it made me feel really really old. I was thinking about that song after I wrote about the Gwen Stefani Halloween costume I made in 2000. When I thought about that I felt really old.

My dad just loves the satellite radio in the car. It was cool at first until I realized they play the same songs too. The songs are just lesser heard and deeper cuts. Surprisingly no vocal music station. 😦 The thing I don’t like is that they too play the same songs over and over at the same time too. I like the MP3 player plug in thing so I can annoy my mom with “Indiana”.

Then I had a silly thought since I wrote so much about Rockapella songs for my shyness project the teacher would write back. “Stop writing about Rockapella songs!”But her instructions were to write about when you hear a song and how it makes you feel. This really happened to be before I accidentally wrote a book for English class about my No Doubt fandom. That was result of unfortunate timing.