I found a reproduction Hip Hop Looney Tunes shirt at the store. (Did those have an official name) I got a Kris Kross style one this was the first design released back in the 90s. I had to buy it! The nostalgia was kicking in. Actually that was the only design they had for sale. This is not the shirt I got. This is a picture I got off the internet, but still. (When I wear this to school people will wonder how old I really am) @o@

I used to have one in the 90s with them in a Jeep. There is a funny picture of Chicken Hawk on the back of the Jeep shirt. Back when I was lanky. I was an early bloomer, but I was still pretty skinny.

While I hop on my neon bike while listening to some rap music on one those radio headphone things. I gotta get back by 4:30 PM to watch Carmen Sandiego and then Power Rangers at 5PM or did Power Rangers come at 2PM back then? If nothing interesting is happening with the kids playing on the street. I’ll go home and play with my Barbies or my trolls. I’m having Gobble Stix as a snack.

To balance it out with something more modern I bought a Shopkins blind bag.

It didn’t photograph well, but I got a gingerbread house.

I’m very neurotic about turning in my homework in advance when I can sometimes. It depends on the assignment. So I had to check in with my partner. While we send very awkward text messages to each other. But I wanted to get this out of the way now. It was the last thing I needed to do before I could turn the assignment in. I don’t really like having a partner. I feel I could do the work so much quicker by myself. I mean that I have nothing against my partner or anything.

This is a very interesting game 1 of the World Series. The Fox feed cut off. At first I thought it was my dad muting the tv because he saw another annoying commercial or that he got bored with the game and turned off the tv. (the teams are not anybody he particularly wants to see) I’m still hoping for a free AM Crunchwrap. When was the last time Taco Bell had a promotion like this? I remember getting a free Doritos Taco a few years ago. I was trying to remember the last time the Mets were in the World series because I know I was in high school. I looked it up it was the 2000 series. I realized I watched about 5 hours of baseball intermittently.