Now it almost feels like fall. My allergies are acting up. But it’s still not cold enough. I could still wear shorts if I really wanted to. On the bus ride to school I was really rocking out to “Won’t be Long” I noticed I was tapping my foot to the song in the bus. I was upset because I thought we might have to do group work.

I wasn’t paying attention in class again and I almost got marked absent again. @o@ The teacher was saying about Monday and I was thinking about Garfield.

So we watched a clip from Discovering Psychology. I know who Zimbardo is because of the show. I may have watched that program more than a few times. I mentioned this show before. Plus I realized I learned a lot of stuff from watching tv.

After I thought about it I know some of the reasons I hate group work. My group has to sit in the back of the class. I really can’t see anything from back there. Then I remembered I hate group work in general. It sucks ass. Although sitting in the back of the room while she gave a lecture made me feel like a bad student. All I needed was some spiky jewelry. I wasn’t paying attention anyway I was thinking more songs to add to my MP3 player. What about some Esthero?

I’m upset because I was hoping to get a fun Halloween themed assignment. ūüė¶

But the teacher is still behind on her lecturing, and I hope that doesn’t mean she’s gonna pile on the homework as the semester draws to a close.