So the bus to school was late and filled with at least 15 mommies and their babies. There was no room for anybody else. Then there was a chain of fussy babies. One would fuss and then the others. The bus was about a half hour late when it got to the school. I practically had to run over to class. I was tired that bus trip was exhausting. Well just my luck this is one of the few days the teacher gets there early.

I loathe group work! I think it’s really stupid. I wouldn’t tell that to the teacher’s face. I’d rather just sit through a lecture. At least I can doodle or write about random thoughts I have. With my group they all fight to get the best things to talk about and I most always get the scraps. So I thought why put a lot of effort into it? They gave me the crappy part. I’m just gonna half ass it! The only fun part I had was drawing the anime expressions on the cartoon we drew. Plus they can never agree on what to do so they waste a lot of time.

The bus ride home was worse! It was the same thing all over again. This was a different group of mommies and babies. I got stuck next to a screaming baby let’s just say Blur songs don’t drown out baby screams. There were so many people on the bus the driver had to turn people away. When I came home my back hurt from all the contorting I had to do in the bus.